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Wed Mar 31, 2004

just cuz I hate freeedumb

I love jpg compression more than i love freedom More...

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Tue Mar 30, 2004

If Karl Rove and Co. are allowed to arrange their re-selection it's because Americans Are Naturally Warlike AND Stupid

"But you don't have to be Bob Woodward to check Clarke's story out. There were other witnesses to this meeting, one of whom spoke to me."


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It's no wonder the right doesn't wanna blog no more

Navy Public Affairs Officer in Iraq Condemns Bush & the U.S. Invasion
By Democracy Now!

Friday 26 March 2004

A year ago Navy Lt. John Oliveira was appearing daily before television cameras defending the U.S. invasion. He was the top public affairs officer aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt. In a Democracy Now! exclusive he speaks today on a national program for the first time criticizing the invasion he was once paid to defend. More...

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Mon Mar 29, 2004

Cocktail of the Week


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install the small machine

Dear all:

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By the 2001-1-1~2004-3-1 38 months, murder by the police knew that:

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the victim did not feel.

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extremely clear, does not use the dry battery.

3. Murder Hong Kong people ----- terrorists is the Hong Kong police
over 50, murder many Hong Kong people over 3 years.

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Sun Mar 28, 2004

pepito and half handed cloud and more

So I saw a great electronic pop duo called Pepito
mostly in spanish, sort of Kraftwerk de la Frontera. Very charming with great video accompianment. At one point, the guy of the girl/guy duo said "It's a great vibe in here. I know it's very california to say's a mean world out there and it's nice here." Also playing was a band called half handed cloud, which was also kinda cute and made me think people in their early 20's are, well, cute. There's a nifty looking website, but the mp3's will no doubt not capture the endearing quality of the mildlypsychadelic fragpop (yes, I made up that genre).

tangentially, I found this, which just looks cool and barry will like it:

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Sat Mar 27, 2004

Gerrymandering: How Politicians Steal Votes and You Can Return Them

Read the original, with links, here:

Third Parties: Why They Spoil and How to Stop It

In America (and many other countries) elections work in a simplistic manner: Each person picks one candidate. The candidate picked the most wins.

This makes the fatal assumption that you can only like one candidate. This seems like a bizarre assumption, but there is one common case where it makes sense: when you have two candidates.

Unfortunately, we’re sort of stuck with this voting system, so this mathematical fact (the voting system works only when there are two candidates) has turned into a political rule (we can only allow two candidates to run). But often, more than two candidates want to run, and voters don’t mind having more choices. So the voting system gets in the way.

One popular alternative is called Instant-runoff voting (IRV) which is used in Australia. It works like this: instead of voting for one candidate, you rank all the candidates (or your top N candidates) in order of preference. To count the votes, you look at each ballot and mark a vote for the top listed candidate. If no candidate wins a majority, you find the candidate who got the least votes. You cross off his name from every ballot and count again. (This time his name will be crossed off, so the top listed candidate on some ballots will actually be the voter’s second choice.) You repeat this until some candidate gets a majority. That candidate is the winner.

It sounds reasonable, but unfortunately, it turns out to be about the worst reasonable-sounding voting system, with all sorts of bizarre side-effects (more info). Fortunately, the problem is only in how you count the votes. The mathematicians have come up with a better way to count the votes, called Condorcet, which is essentially perfect. Here’s how it works: You have a computer use all the ballots to simulate every possible head-to-head election between two candidates. Whichever candidate wins the most elections against the strongest candidates wins.

Unfortunately, some people think this is too complicated. Fortunately, there is a simple voting system which is really very good, called Approval Voting. Here’s how it works: You pick all the candidates you like. Whichever candidate is picked the most wins. Put another way, instead of punching the hole next to one candidate, you punch the hole next to each candidate you approve of. Each hole punch is counted, and the most popular guy wins.

To give a contentious example, in the 2000 election, you could have checked the box next to both Nader and Gore. Some people (perhaps Nader himself) would check only Nader. Some people would check only Gore. But nobody’s vote is spoiled — a vote for Nader and Gore does not hurt Gore in his contest against Bush. And you end up with the candidate the most people approve of.

It turns out that in addition to being simpler, Approval Voting is also far more effective than IRV. And it doesn’t require any new equipment, just a simple change to the rules. And that’s why we cry:

Approval Voting Should Be Approved Now!

For more about various election methods, visit To support approval voting, join the Americans for Approval Voting or the Citizens for Approval Voting.

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Thu Mar 18, 2004

Mustard glazed

Way down here in the deep south, we have the time to cook bbq. The trick here is low n slow. Ribs, brisket, butt, chicken, it all turns out sooo much better if you take your time with it. We usually get a 7 or 8 lb boston butt, smear the cheapest yellow mustard all over it and rub it down with a good rub (we make our own). Put it on a smoker and let it cook indirect at a dome temp of around 225. We use natural lump charcoal. Add hickory chips or chunks for the first several hours. It usually takes from 18 to 28 hours. Whenever the internal temp reaches 200 its done. And you will never taste anything better in a restaurant. After you try pulled pork, let me know what you want to play with next.

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Wed Mar 17, 2004

BitTorrent and RSS

Everything you need to distribute high quality music...


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LegalTorrents - Your source for legal BitTorrent files


You should make some legally distributed non-full version of your music software and distribute it through here...

Or Music...

This is Brandon, Kelly's high school friends hosted site, and I think his music is there..

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Exploiting 9/11, Badly

It should not come as a surprise to anyone who has watched American politics over the past several years that George W. Bush has begun his formal reelection campaigning by exploiting the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, for political advantage. This is, after all, the president whose aides schemed on the day of the attacks to use them to get Congress to grant Bush "Fast Track" authority to negotiate a sweeping Free Trade Area of the Americas agreement. And it is the president whose political czar, Karl Rove, conspired with Republican Senate candidates in 2002 to employ 9/11 images as tools to attack the patriotism of Democrats, such as Georgia Senator Max Cleland, a decorated and disabled Vietnam veteran.

Everyone expected the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign to begin its television advertising campaign by branding Bush as the 9/11 candidate.

The only surprise is that the Bush political team would, after more than two years of preparation, perform the task so gracelessly.

Was there no one in the close confines of the Bush campaign with enough awareness of the sensitivities that remain -- especially among the friends, families and colleagues of the dead -- to suggest that it might be inappropriate to produce campaign advertisements featuring images of the dead being removed from the wreckage of the World Trade Center?

By any measure, the much-heralded opening of the Bush-Cheney Version 2.0 campaign has been a disaster for the president.


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Vegoil Adventure Trip Journal

Tom Sepe, an extremely inventive guy I used to work with is on an adventure driving a veggie-oil powered car to Mexico.. here's his log of the trip:

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Does Anyone Else Smell A Draft Coming?

Miami Soldier Resists: 'This War is Evil'
By Frank Davies
The Miami Herald

Tuesday 16 March 2004

A Florida National Guard soldier from Miami who served six months in Iraq refuses to return and seeks conscientious objector status.
SHERBORN, Mass. - A Miami soldier who served six months in Iraq and then refused to return after a leave said Monday "I can no longer be an instrument of violence," and turned himself in to military authorities.

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Mon Mar 15, 2004

Because, What We Really Needed Was Another Country to Occupy...

Monday, March 15th, 2004
Defying Washington: Haiti's Aristide Returns to the Caribbean

BARBADOS (March 15)--Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has just touched down in the Caribbean nation of Barbados, as he makes his way toward Jamaica. Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman is with Aristide, his Haitian-American wife Mildred, and the delegation of US and Jamaican officials that is accompanying the Aristides to Jamaica, which has offered to temporarily host them. Goodman is one of only two journalists traveling with Aristide. She said they believe the group will arrive in Jamaica at approximately 12 pm EST today.
In returning to the Caribbean, Aristide is defying the Bush administration, which has stated clearly it does not want Aristide in the Western Hemisphere.


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Sat Mar 13, 2004

Cocktail of the Week

Aquavit, popular amongst Norwegians, is an anise flavored liquor (not liqueur!). Best when stored in the freezer. More...

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Fri Mar 12, 2004

The New Pentagon Papers

The New Pentagon Papers
By Karen Kwiatkowski

Wednesday 10 March 2004

A high-ranking military officer reveals how Defense Department extremists suppressed information and twisted the truth to drive the country to war.
March 10, 2004 | In July of last year, after just over 20 years of service, I retired as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force. I had served as a communications officer in the field and in acquisition programs, as a speechwriter for the National Security Agency director, and on the Headquarters Air Force and the office of the secretary of defense staffs covering African affairs. I had completed Air Command and Staff College and Navy War College seminar programs, two master's degrees, and everything but my Ph.D. dissertation in world politics at Catholic University. I regarded my military vocation as interesting, rewarding and apolitical. My career started in 1978 with the smooth seduction of a full four-year ROTC scholarship. It ended with 10 months of duty in a strange new country, observing up close and personal a process of decision making for war not sanctioned by the Constitution we had all sworn to uphold. Ben Franklin's comment that the Constitutional Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia had delivered "a republic, madam, if you can keep it" would come to have special meaning.


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Thu Mar 11, 2004

Spy Unit Skirted CIA on Iraq

By Greg Miller
The Los Angeles Times

Wednesday 10 March 2004

Pentagon group's role in shaping White House views about ties between Hussein and Al Qaeda was greater than known, Senate panel hears.
WASHINGTON — A special intelligence unit at the Pentagon privately briefed senior officials at the White House on alleged ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda without the knowledge of CIA Director George J. Tenet, according to new information presented at a Senate hearing Tuesday.

The disclosure suggests that the controversial Pentagon office played a greater role than previously understood in shaping the administration's views on Iraq's alleged ties to the terrorist network behind the Sept. 11 attacks, and bypassed usual channels to make a case that conflicted with the conclusions of CIA analysts.


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Fri Mar 05, 2004

Running Man


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Cocktail of the Week


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A little update

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Thu Mar 04, 2004


Mark Townsend and Paul Harris in New York
Sunday February 22, 2004
The Observer

Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters..
A secret report, suppressed by US defence chiefs and obtained by The Observer, warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a 'Siberian' climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world.

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Wed Mar 03, 2004 :: TV Ads

These are the first George W Bush Ads. They roll out tomorrow.

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These are the first George W Bush Ads. They roll out tomorrow.

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These are the first George W Bush Ads. They roll out tomorrow.

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Tue Mar 02, 2004

President Aristide: 'I Was Kidnapped' - 'Tell The World It Is A Coup'

Democracy Now!

Monday 01 March 2004

Multiple sources that just spoke with Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide told Democracy Now! that Aristide says he was "kidnapped" and taken by force to the Central African Republic. Congressmember Maxine Waters said she received a call from Aristide at 9am EST. "He's surrounded by military. It's like he is in jail, he said. He says he was kidnapped," said Waters. She said he had been threatened by what he called US diplomats. According to Waters, the diplomats reportedly told the Haitian president that if he did not leave Haiti, paramilitary leader Guy Philippe would storm the palace and Aristide would be killed. According to Waters, Aristide was told by the US that they were withdrawing Aristide's US security.

TransAfrica founder and close Aristide family friend Randall Robinson also received a call from the Haitian president early this morning and confirmed Waters account. Robinson said that Aristide "emphatically" denied that he had resigned. "He did not resign," he said. "He was abducted by the United States in the commission of a coup." Robinson says he spoke to Aristide on a cell phone that was smuggled to the Haitian president.

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now! I’m Amy Goodman. Congress member Waters, can you tell us about the conversation you just had with Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide?

MAXINE WATERS: I most certainly can and he’s anxious for me to get the message out so people will understand. He is in the Central Republic of Africa at a place called the Palace of the Renaissance, and he’s not sure if that’s a house or a hotel or what it is and he is surrounded by military. It’s like in jail, he said. He said that he was kidnapped; he said that he was forced to leave Haiti. He said that the American embassy sent the diplomats; he referred to them as, to his home where they was lead by Mr. Moreno. And I believe that Mr. Moreno is a deputy chief of staff at the embassy in Haiti and other diplomats, and they ordered him to leave. They said you must go NOW. He said that they said that Guy Phillipe and U.S. Marines were coming to Port Au Prince; he will be killed, many Haitians will be killed, that they would not stop until they did what they wanted to do. He was there with his with Mildred and his brother-in-law and two of his security people, and somebody from the Steel Foundation, and they’re all, there’s five of them that are there. They took them where they did stop in Antigua then they stopped at a military base, then they were in the air for hours and then they arrived at this place and they were met by five ministers of government. It’s a Francophone country they speak French. And they were then taken to this place called the Palace of the Renaissance where they are being held and they are surrounded by military people. They are not free to do whatever they want to do. Then the phone clicked off after we had talked for about five…we talked maybe fifteen minutes and then the phone clicked off. But he, some of it was muffled in the beginning, at times it was clear. But one thing that was very clear and he said it over and over again, that he was kidnapped that the coup was completed by the Americans that they forced him out. They had also disabled his American security force that he had around him for months now; they did not allow them to extend their numbers. To begin with they wanted them to bring in more people to provide security they prevented them from doing that and then they finally forced them out of the country. So that’s where his is and I said to him that I would do everything I could to get the word out. …that I heard it directly from him I heard it directly from his wife that they were kidnapped, they were forced to leave, they did not want to leave, their lives were threatened and the lives of many Haitians were threatened. And I said that we would be in touch with the State Department, with the President today and if at all possible we would try to get to him. We don’t know whether or not he is going to be moved. We will try and find that information out today.


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Chavez Calls Bush 'Asshole' as Foes Fight Troops


Sunday 29 February 2004

CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called President Bush an "asshole" on Sunday for meddling, and vowed never to quit office like his Haitian counterpart as troops battled with opposition protesters demanding a recall referendum against him.

Chavez, who often says the U.S. is backing opposition efforts to topple his leftist government, accused Bush of heeding advice from "imperialist" aides to support a brief 2002 coup against him.

"He was an asshole to believe them," Chavez roared at a huge rally of supporters in Caracas.

The Venezuelan leader's comments came as fresh violence broke out on the streets of the capital, where National Guard troops clashed with opposition protesters pressing for a vote to end his five-year rule.


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Mon Mar 01, 2004

Language and Culture of Hawai'i

9/11 probe is a new terror
Ellis Henican
February 28, 2004

WASHINGTON — Who was most scared of the truth?

Was it House Speaker Dennis Hastert? He was the latest Republican standing in the way of the bipartisan commission investigating the Sept. 11 terror attacks. The commissioners had asked for two extra months to conduct some crucial interviews and track down some late-breaking leads. Until he relented Friday afternoon, Hastert was refusing to bring the short extension up for a vote.

Or is George W. Bush the one with the most to hide?

While voicing support for the 9/11 probe, he and those around him have been working diligently to undermine the commission's work, going all the way back to before the investigation began.

So was Hastert's latest roadblock really just a political favor to his good friend the president, who'd just as soon not have an explosive report dropped into the late-July heat of a re-election campaign? It sure is looking that way.

The mission of The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, despite the highfalutin name, is really quite straightforward: Explain what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 — and why.

Co-chaired by Republican Thomas Kean and Democrat Lee Hamilton, the bipartisan panel has approached its difficult mission with extraordinary balance and seriousness. This is, after all, the most nagging single question of our time. What's the real story behind 9/11?

New York lost nearly 3,000 people that day.

We — and especially their families — have a right to know the truth. The commission has been asking some uncomfortable questions about what Washington knew, including the single most pressing one: Could the attacks somehow have been avoided or stopped?

No one knows exactly why George W. Bush seems so reluctant to let the truth come out. Had someone tried to warn him about an imminent attack? Were there embarrassing predictions in the daily presidential briefing? If Sept. 11 was truly a life-altering experience for the nation, shouldn't all of us know the cold, hard facts?

If you listened only to Bush's rhetoric, you'd think he was a major booster of the inquiry. Indeed, he said he supported the extension.

"We have given extraordinary cooperation," he told Tim Russert a couple of weeks ago. "I want the truth to be known." Bush told Russert on "Meet The Press" that he'd be pleased to testify and was turning over his daily briefing reports.

That's what the president said. Now follow the trail of what he has done.

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I read this article:
"Reaction To 'Passion' Shows Media's Disdain For Religion "
and got annoyed. I had to write to the author to get my annoyance off my chest. If I had more time, I could have been more articulate.


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