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Archives: February 2005

Mon Feb 28, 2005

I e-mailed Jacques about this last week, and he had no comment

Christian right mum on Gannon Affair
Bill Berkowitz - WorkingForChange

02.24.05 - They were livid over SpongeBob Square Pants' participation in a video advocating tolerance, and fuming about Buster the Bunny's visit to a lesbian household. So where's the outrage from the Christian right over the Jeff Gannon Affair? Despite a chunk of time having passed since the Gannon Affair was first uncovered, Christian right organizations are still cloaked in silence. As of February 24, there wasn't any news about the Gannon Affair available on the Web sites of Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, or the Traditional Values Coalition. As best as I could determine, no special alerts about the Gannon Affair have been issued; and no campaigns have been launched to get to the bottom of the matter.

Curious about this wall of silence, I phoned several Christian right groups on Tuesday, February 22, hoping to find someone who could comment on the Gannon Affair. This is what I found:


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Sun Feb 27, 2005

The Language Police: Gettin Jiggy with Frank Luntz

Published on Saturday, February 26, 2005 by

The Language Police: Gettin’ Jiggy with Frank Luntz

by Nancy Snow


If you need any more confirmation that America is the numero uno propaganda nation, look no further than the GOP language meistro Frank Luntz, who has produced a memorandum of “The 14 Words Never to Use.” Thanks to the Internet and the blogosphere, we mere mortals can get our grubby mitts on what the conservative elite persuader Luntz is doing to scrub our brains free of individual thoughts.

Luntz teases, “This memo was originally prepared exclusively for Congressional spouses because they are your eyes and ears, a one-person reality check and truth squad combined…However, by popular demand, I have included and expanded that document because effectively communicating the New American Lexicon requires you to STOP saying words and phrases that undermine your ability to educate the American people. So from today forward, YOU are the language police. From today forward, these are the words never to say again.” More...

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Thu Feb 24, 2005

Brought to you by: Pat Buchanon's "American Conservative" (Go, Pat, Go!)

Radical Son

Bush may not have read Dostoyevsky—but his speechwriters have.

by Justin Raimondo

In a world aflame with war and terrorism, George W. Bush’s second inaugural address was a match flung onto an oil slick. By the time his 17-minute peroration reached midpoint, it was clear that was his intention:

"Because we have acted in the great liberating tradition of this nation, tens of millions have achieved their freedom. And as hope kindles hope, millions more will find it. By our efforts we have lit a fire as well, a fire in the minds of men. It warms those who feel its power; it burns those who fight its progress. And one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world."

“A fire in the mind”—such a felicitous phrase. It aptly and succinctly describes the feverish mental state of our neoconservative policymakers, who set out to build an empire in the Middle East and now, with this speech, clearly envision much more. It also describes the mental state of some of the characters in Dostoyevsky’s The Possessed (or The Devils), from which the fiery metaphor is taken. Michael Barone pointed out the allusion in his U.S. News column, wherein he described Dostoyevsky’s work as “a novel about a provincial town inspired by new revolutionary ideas. After a turbulent literary evening, a fire breaks out, and one townsman says, ‘The fire is in the minds of men, not in the roofs of buildings.’” More...

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Mon Feb 21, 2005

Jerry Brown, former governor, current mayor, current blogger

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Sat Feb 19, 2005

A fully clothed and floridated devotee playing a sacremental organ in worship of the anti-JR BOB DOBBS False JEHOVAH-1 2004


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News of the Day

Meet Edward Daley, writing in ultra rabid Alan Keyes website called 'Renew America' (yeah. Renew it by spewing bile) who will tell you about the 'The raving, Bush-bashing, America-hating, loser left',

Here's a big look at his face which you can click on to read his research:

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Thu Feb 17, 2005

Q: What do you get when you mix WAR PORN with GAY PORN?

A Hireling, a Fraud and a Prostitute
By Sidney Blumenthal
The UK Guardian

Thursday 17 February 2005

Bush's agent in the press corps has given spin a new level of meaning.
The White House press room has often been a cockpit of intrigue, duplicity and truckling. But nothing challenges the most recent scandal there.

The latest incident began with a sequence of questions for President Bush at his January 26 press conference. First, he was asked whether he approved of his administration's payments to conservative commentators. Government contracts had been granted to three pundits, who had tried to keep the funding secret. "There needs to be a nice, independent relationship between the White House and the press," said the president as he called swiftly on his next questioner.

Jeff Gannon, Washington bureau chief of Talon News, rose from his chair to attack Democrats in the Congress. "How are you going to work - you said you're going to reach out to these people - how are you going to work with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?"

For almost two years, in the daily White House press briefings Gannon had been called upon by press secretary Scott McClellan to break up difficult questioning from the rest of the press. On Fox News, one host hailed him as "a terrific Washington bureau chief and White House correspondent". Gannon was frequently quoted and highlighted as an expert guest on rightwing radio shows. But who was Gannon? His strange non-question to the president inspired inquiry. Talon News is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a group of Texas Republicans. Gannon's most notable article had asserted that John Kerry "might some day be known as 'the first gay President'".

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Tue Feb 15, 2005

WAR PORN (missing jacques)

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Sat Feb 05, 2005

Bright Eyes single 'When the President Talks to God'

Wow this song is available on iTunes, as a free download, ya know click on the Music Store in iTunes.

Shades of Bob Dylan. Here are the lyrics:

When the President talks to God,
Are the conversations brief or long?
Does he ask to to rape our women's rights?
And send poor farm kids off to die?
Does God suggest an oil hike?
When the President talks to God?

When the President talks to God,
Are the consonants all hard or soft?
Is he resolute on down the line?
Is every issue black or white?
Does what God say ever change his mind?
When the President talks to God?

When the President talks to God,
Does he fake that drawl or merely nod?
Agree which convicts should be killed?
Where prisons should be built and filled?
Which voter fraud must be concealed?
When the President talks to God?

When the President talks to God,
I wonder which one plays the better cop?
"We should find some jobs the ghetto's broke",
"No they're lazy George I say we don't,
Just give em' more liquor stores and dirty coke",
That's what God recommends.

When the President talks to God,
Do they drink near beer and go play golf?
While they pick which countries to invade,
Which Muslim souls still can be saved?
I guess God just calls a spade a spade,
When the President talks to God?

When the President talks to God,
Does he ever think that maybe He's not?
That that voice is just inside his head?
When he kneels next to the Presidential bed,
Does he ever smell his own bullshit?
When the President talks to God?

I doubt it.

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Fri Feb 04, 2005

Cocktail of the Moment

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Cocktail of the Moment

OK... submit NOW (hiccup) More...

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Cocktail of The Moment

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Cocktail of the Moment

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Information Warfare

This is a posting of an email I sent today. Please use appropriately...
hi kidz,

So i'm reading a CNN article (excerpt and url pasted at the end of this mssg.) about Defense Dept. sponsored "news sites" and paid a visit to one of them, to see for myself. This kind of shit pisses me off and i'm drafting this message in hopes that some creative person out there can find a way to "fight back".

The site's "disclaimer", a small link at the bottom of the page, contains a Copyright Info paragraph which informs us that "Unless a copyright is indicated, information on the site is in the public domain and may be copied and distributed without permission." You know why? Because your tax $ are paying for this bullshit.

I don't have any ideas at the moment but this seems like an opportunity to take this propaganda, refashion it, and spit it back out in venemous glory.

Please distribute to your favorite miscreants.

--Est Nyboer
full story at

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. Department of Defense plans to add more sites on the Internet to provide information to a global audience -- but critics question whether the Pentagon is violating President Bush's pledge not to pay journalists to promote his policies.

The Defense Department runs two Web sites overseas, one aimed at people in the Balkan region in Europe, the other for the Maghreb area of North Africa.

It is preparing another site, even as the Pentagon inspector general investigates whether the sites are appropriate.

The Web sites carry stories on subjects such as politics, sports and entertainment.

The sites are run by U.S. military troops trained in "information warfare," a specialty than can include battlefield deception.

Pentagon officials say the goal is to counter "misinformation" about the United States in overseas media.

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