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Fri May 27, 2005

Gagged, But Not Dead,

This is weeks old, but here it is anyway.

Reprinted here from buzzflash.

Those of you who still think this case, my case, is about covering up some administrative blunder or bureaucratic mismanagement, please think again.

Those of you who may think that my Kafkaesque case, the unprecedented secrecy, is due to some justifiable and official higher reasons, please think again.

Those of you who may think that our government, our entrusted leaders, may have an ongoing investigation of the criminals involved, please think again.

The Office of Inspector General for the Department of Justice, in its ‘unclassified report,’ has confirmed my core allegations. What were those core allegations, and who did they involve? Not only some low-level terrorist or terrorist organization; not only some ‘maybe’ critical foreign entities. No; trust me; they would not go to this length to protect some nobody criminal or terrorist.

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Erinia Jourdanski Semiotician to the Stars

Our friend Erin the hildegaard #2 got a blog, watch out.

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Meanwhile, on the "Huffington Post"

05.26.2005 David Sirota

"The Most Important Vote on the Iraq War You Never Heard About"

Hey, did you know that Congress just had one of the most important votes on the Iraq War since the invasion of 2003? No, probably not, because (other than Voice of America's story and the AP's half line buried in a bigger piece) no major American media outlets thought it important enough to tell you.

That's right, yesterday, the House of Representatives voted down bipartisan legislation to ask the White House to submit details of an eventual exit strategy from the quagmire in Iraq. The legislation was non-binding, meaning the White House would not have even had to oblige. It was simply designed to put Congress on record as supporting an eventual move to bring our troops home.

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Downing Street memo

uh, if you want to read the Dwoning Street memo:

You know. All that boring 'intelligence and fact being fixed around the policy' stuff.

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Wed May 18, 2005

Good Times in Academia, Part II

University Of Iowa Offers Porn Class

POSTED: 6:34 am CDT May 18, 2005

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Some University of Iowa students may be able to get an "A" in X-rated.

The school will be offering a class on porn in the fall semester.

All 20 student slots have been filled and there's a waiting list.

Grad student Jay Clarkson is teaching the course. But he cautioned that students looking for a cheap thrill will be disappointed. He said no films or other explicit material will be shown in class. Clarkson said the class will examine the impact of porno on mainstream culture.

But Iowa House Speaker Chris Rants doesn't like the idea a bit. The lawmaker said the pornography class isn't something that should be taught with taxpayer's money.

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Tue May 17, 2005


(this was written by author/editor Paul Loeb, )

At the height of the nuclear arms race, those who marched against it used to
say that in the ashes of a nuclear war, no one could tell a capitalist from
a communist. "Not necessarily," others would joke, "Richard Perle could
tell." For Perle, even total annihilation would have its victors and losers,
and he knew which side he wanted to be on.

Perle has continued to preach the virtues of usable nuclear weapons while
helping orchestrate our invasion of Iraq. Now he's a key allied strategist
of an administration willing to obliterate democracy itself if they don't
get their way on judicial nominees and everything else.

I'm thinking of the ease with which Trent Lott, Bill Frist, and other
Republicans have talked of a "nuclear option" to intimidate the Democrats
into capitulating on every right wing judge that Bush sends to Congress.
Although Republicans have backed off from using the phrase since it began
polling negative, it may reveal more than they intended about their Party.
They doesn't just seek to enact particular programs, but have done their
best to turn politics into total war, seeking to annihilate the opposition

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Climate Change

by James Carroll

Scandal at the Air Force Academy used to mean cheating or sexual harassment. Now the uproar is about the academy's religious ''climate," in the word used by an investigative task force. Christian cadets have been pressuring peers who believe differently, or who do not believe. Jewish cadets, in particular, have been targeted, charged with the murder of Christ.
Academy faculty and chaplain's staff are reported to have joined in the pressuring. The Pentagon is investigating. Reports of US guards denigrating the Koran in order to pressure Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo Bay sparked violent protests in Afghanistan. People died. Newsweek now says the report may not be true, but the storm it caused grew out of a general sense in the Islamic world that Muslims as Muslims are mistreated at Guantanamo Bay, and that America's war, despite Washington's denials, is against Islam itself.

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Sun May 15, 2005

An Overview of the U.S. Political Right

From: Drifting Right and Going Wrong by Chip Berlet and Jean Hardisty. A great read if you want to understand the different groups on the right:

Traditional Republican Party conservatism is composed of several sectors, including corporate conservatives, moderate conservatives, libertarians, and neoconservatives. In addition, the Political Right includes other sectors such as the Christian Right, the Patriot movement, and the Extreme Right. Critics need to sharpen their focus and examine the details. It is not fair to equate the Ku Klux Klan with the Christian Right. It is fair to criticize anti-democratic aspects of both movements.


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Sat May 14, 2005

Luis Posada Carriles Seeking Political Asylum in U.S.

Hmmm. This guy admits setting bombs off in tourist locations in Cuba, killing people, including an Italian tourist in 1997. He's suspect in the first act of airline terrorism in the western hemisphere - 73 peole killed in 1976. He's was jailed in Venezuela along with Orlando Bosch (who was granted pardon by George Bush Sr. in 1990) for this attack, then escaped in 1985 being extradited with the help of Bush's current chief diplomat to Latin America Otto Reich and goes to work for Oliver North on the illegal contra ressupply program. In the 60's and 70's he was a CIA agent trained as a 'demolitions expert'.

He's entered the US with a fake passport in the last couple months, and is now asking for asylum through his lawyer. Venezuela is asking for extradition as a terrorist.

From Democracy Now

If Posada is still in the United States, the Bush administration has three choices: granting him asylum; jailing him for illegal entry; or granting Venezuela's extradition request.

State Department official Roger Noriega claimed the Bush administration didn't know for sure if Posada was in the United States. He said Cuban claims about Posada "may be a completely manufactured issue." At the same time Noriega said the U.S. is "not interested in granting him asylum."

The brother of the Italian tourist killed by a bomb in a Havana hotel in 1997 told the Miami Herald: "It's like a New York or New Jersey resident who lost a relative in the September 11 attacks, and the mastermind of this terrorist act is living in Canada. Wouldn't they be upset at the Canadian government?"

And here is the last 2 paragraphs from a Washington Post story in which Posada was interviewed:

Since 9/11, the administration's double standard on terrorism, with its Cuban exception, is even more glaring. Just before the Justice Department announced a post-9/11 sweep of those "suspected" of terrorism, it had quietly released men who had been convicted of terrorism. Last Thursday, the administration congratulated itself on a sweep that netted 10,000 fugitive criminals, yet somehow Posada eluded it.

I remember Posada's sly smile when he told me that he had at least four different passports from different countries in bogus names, including an American one. When I asked when he last visited the United States, he chortled with amusement. "Officially or unofficially? I have a lot of passports," Posada said. "If I want to go to Miami, I have different ways to go. No problem." Evidently not.


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Mon May 09, 2005

beat of the earth

I came across this interview when I recently, uh, found this album (haven't listened yet). The descriptions of this Phil Perlman character are pretty funny...

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