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Archives: November 2005

Tue Nov 29, 2005

Hatch refers to Iraq as Vietnam

WASHINGTON - Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, flubbed Monday and referred to Iraq as Vietnam while commenting on Fox News against an immediate troop withdrawal.
"The Democratic Party seems to be taken over by the Michael Moore contingent in their attitude toward Vietnam, and they continually call for a withdrawal of troops at a time when we haven't finished the job," Hatch said on the network's morning show. Hatch's spokesman acknowledged the error, which was first reported on the American Prospect Web log.
Spokesman Peter Carr said the Utah senator had been reading a magazine article that referred to analogies between the Iraq and Vietnam wars and misstated what he meant to say.
A transcript of the interview provided by Congressional Quarterly replaced "Vietnam" with "Iraq," without any mention of a correction. A CQ subsidiary later acknowledged making a mistake in the transcription and the actual version of the comments was later posted.
- Thomas Burr

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Thu Nov 17, 2005

War Nerd - Victor Hanson: Portrait of an American Traitor

This is fun.


..We've got this Fresno intellectual who likes to strut the same way in the local paper. He's one of these snotty assholes with three names: Victor Davis Hanson. Oh, sorry: Doctor Victor David Hanson. He's got a Ph.D. and he teaches at Fresno State.

This fool passes himself off as a military historian, writing columns about Iraq and Afghanistan and everything else he feels like babbling about, but he doesn't have a clue about contemporary warfare. Every war nerd on the net knows more about what's happening in Iraq than he does. But that doesn't stop him. He teaches Classics, he's written a half dozen books on ancient warfare, and he never lets you forget that he's a professor and you're not.

In his last column for the Fresno Bee, he sneered at people who don't have Ph.D.'s for daring to have opinions about the war in Iraq: "What do a talented Richard Gere, Robert Redford and Madonna all have in common besides loudly blasting the current administration? They either dropped out of, or never started, college. Cher may think George Bush is 'stupid,' but she-not he-didn't finish high school."


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Thu Nov 10, 2005

Am I the only person who still checks out "Citizens"?

If not, here's something interesting for y'all:

FBI and CIA identified as helping Plan Venezuelan Prosecutor's Murder

Wednesday, Nov 09, 2005 Print format

By: Alessandro Parma -

Almost exactly a year ago a car bomb killed prominent State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson on his way home.
Credit: Anibal Torres/El Universal

Caracas, November, 9 2005 – A key witness in the Danilo Anderson murder trial, Giovani Jose Vasquez De Armas, has identified FBI and CIA agents as being involved in the preparations to assassinate the Venezuelan State Prosecutor. Speaking on behalf of Vasquez De Armas, the Attorney General's office said that those planning the killing, "all discussed the plan with the help of the FBI and CIA."

Danilo Anderson was a Venezuela Prosecutor killed by a car bomb in Caracas on November 18, 2004. He was murdered while investigating those who were involved in leading and organizing the April 2002 coup that briefly overthrew President Chavez and abolished the constitution and the National Assembly. Vasquez De Armas, a member of Colombia's right wing paramilitary group called the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) has said that he was in charge of logistics for the plot to kill Danilo Anderson.

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