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Wed Dec 28, 2005


Santa Mayhem in New Zealand! Santarchy!

I read this story in the paper and had a great laugh!

here's another, and another:

Apparently, the AP writers sensationalized the story, turning minor drunkeness into a full scale riot for the sake of newsworthy-ness.

I thought the group probably wrote up a great press release first, alerted the press and then went out and got drunk and did the santas on a rampage thing, and lazy media organizations quoted it because it was topical and sensationalist and EASY - which is all that’s needed to get in the newspaper really. It looked to me like a great media coup - the story was mostly the work of a great satrical minds as a prank.

I wound up making copies of the article and sending them to my relatives in their Christmas cards.

Thank you Santarchy!

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Fri Dec 23, 2005

The Challenge in the South

Thursday, Dec 22, 2005

By: Richard Gott - The Guardian

The large vote for Evo Morales, the socialist and indigenous candidate in the presidential election in Bolivia, and the expected ratification of his success by the congress, marks a new and fascinating moment in the unrolling of radical politics in Latin America. More...

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