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Archives: October 2006

Sun Oct 29, 2006

kids at war

Today I went to the science musem with my nephew. We had a great time playing with electricity experiments and all kinds of cool experiments. I noticed a young woman, dressed in Army fatigues in a wheelchair, obviously wounded in Iraq. I looked at her and she didn't look all that different from the 12, 13, 14 year olds that were around enjoying science experiments. She looked YOUNG. And then it really struck me: I don't know exactly what this kid/soldier went through, she had enlisted, was sent to Iraq, had a gun in her hand, been shot at, possibly killed, was wounded and was now in a wheelchair, and here she was in this kids science museum.

Here's some links that I found in emails:

1. This video is of an Iraq War vet explaining why he jumped the White House fence on Oct. 14, 2006.



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Thu Oct 05, 2006

Whats with these 'halo' photos?

I have been noticing a trend of photos that frame circular 'halos' around politicians heads.

This one of Bill Frist just stunned me..


But, wait, everyone is doing it!


And it's not just for rapture oriented Republicans, it's for rapture oriented Democrats, too!


whas up with dat?

for the photographers, it's a cheap compositional effect, if not so subtle.

I wonder if politicians media handlers are encouraging this by setting up their press conferences in just the right spot so they can get an image that just screams out 'I am the second coming of Christ..'


update: Well judging from
a quick google search I guess I'm late on noticing this..

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