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This is how administrations implode (Har Har Har):
tee hee
Ah, Sweet Blissful Schadenfreude (Let the Hearings Commence)
I Wanna Drink With James Howard Kunstler
Kurt Vonnegut Wrote Circles Around Both Gore and Capote
J Lo's Ass
re: Slaughterhouse '06
When Dave Thinks You're an Asshole, You're One Big Asshole.
The Challenge in the South
Hatch refers to Iraq as Vietnam
War Nerd - Victor Hanson: Portrait of an American Traitor
Clipped From Huffington Post bloggg while not getting my work done...
The Mysteries of New Orleans
Know Yer History
Bring It Down. Now.
Meanwhile, on the "Huffington Post"
Climate Change
Never Again?
Jesus Was No GOP Lobbyist
Conservatives distort papal legacy on Iraq war
The way the wind is blowin'
Don't look now, but the neo-cons are looking South again.
You know it's a trend when Larry Rohter perceives it.
I e-mailed Jacques about this last week, and he had no comment
Brought to you by: Pat Buchanon's "American Conservative" (Go, Pat, Go!)
I'm not the only one using the dreaded F-word around here.
The world according to neo-con orthodoxy...
It's time to move beyond "Er --. Uh--"
I wish Madonna was my ex-wife
Hey, wait a minute, I thought Jesus was for kickin' A-rab Ass!
Ah, the Hubris of Empire
Another good article on "What's the matter with Republicans"
I don't know if any of you care about Venezuela one way or the other, but it is important to note that their President has been ratified in four landslide elections.
A friend of Mencken's
Time for a little "State's Rights" of Our Own?
If only Kelly could watch FOX News while living in Spain. Then she'd still believe.
Bush, God, and Moral Values
Aggressive War: Supreme International Crime
Life in the Echo Chamber
Good News for the GOP
Without a Doubt
"Requiem for a Dreamer" by Kurt Vonnegut
I suppose Mai Lai didn't happen either
Eisenhower, Wasn't He a Godless Communist?
Tom Tomorrow...for President
When War Hits Home
Republicans Admit Mailing Campaign Literature Saying Liberals Will Ban the Bible
You're gonna have to do better than that...
Nothing to see here...move on!
Find the Cost of Freedom...
Okay...but Kerry is a Big Weenie!
The Thief of Baghdad
I don't care. I'm still voting for Bush. Kerry is a weeny.
I don't care. I'm still voting for Bush. Kerry is a weeny.
Let Them Eat Cake...
Nothing to see here! Everyone must continue shopping!
Now, who would talk ill of the best President we ever had...especially after he died?? This "Sara Miles" person probably oughta just move on up to Vancouver.
Clipped from a funny site:
So when a 21st century American calls herself a "Conservative" -- what exactly is being conserved?
Freedom, Democracy, Women's Rights...Right?
Go, Pat, Go!
That was a pretty good speech
Meanwhile, back in our own little hemisphere's biggest oil exporting country...
Scott Ritter is such a commie. Good conservatives like Rush and O'Reilly have a much firmer grasp on the military realities facing us.
This is probably just a big lie, written to undermine the school building and such that we are engaged in as part of our plan to bring democracy and freedom to Iraq
Law Not War
Funny for y'all
What if it could?
One more little tidbit to avoid mentioning to the kiddies while tucking them in...
I'll tell you what Jesus would do: He'd vote a straight ticket for the G.O.P. After all, he was always so pro-war, so staunchly in favor of middle-class tax breaks, and so very against public expenditures for the poor and dispossessed.
Because, when you're making a Western-style democracy omelette, you gotta break some eggs.
Meeep. Moooop. Meeeeeep.
Meeep. Meeeeep. Mooooooop.
Yeah, well....they got ruined.....during the bad ol' Clinton days.....
E Tu Tony?
Does Anyone Else Smell A Draft Coming?
Because, What We Really Needed Was Another Country to Occupy...
Spy Unit Skirted CIA on Iraq
President Aristide: 'I Was Kidnapped' - 'Tell The World It Is A Coup'
Chavez Calls Bush 'Asshole' as Foes Fight Troops
He's not talking about John Kerry....right??
Those French Just Won't Stop Pointing Out That Our Prez is a Schmuck
Maybe Ken Starr could use some work....
Sometimes I want to give Pat Buchanan a big hug.
President Sounds Like Retard - Even Neo-Lib Hawks Concede He Might in Fact Be A Retard
Thank You Joe Trippi
A former Clintonian Democrat Turned Prophet of the New Anger, Someone Who Opposed Invading Iraq Unilaterally, It was a nice dream.
How lucky I was........and thanks for the memories...
Dick Cheney -- Lying Sack of Shit?
It's Caucus Day
The Manchurian Candidate II
You're no Adolph Hitler, Mr. President!
Okay, so I guess we forge ahead without Trotsky's assassin.
Are you still out there lurking, Jacques?
The New Republicans
Gosh, those neocons are so righteous!
Those Damn French. One of these days we'll teach them that when we say 2 + 2 = 5 we friggin' mean it!
let's review (ancient history)
it can't happen here, it can't happen here....
Two Years? If Caught Over Here We'd Have Sent Her Indefinitely to a Navy Brig
War Profiteering is The Worst Kind of Theft
A Rant by Matt Bivens
"Democracies Die Behind Closed Doors"
An interesting theological critique of Dubya's "Christianity"
This Ain't No "Breakfast Club"
When was the last time Bill Kristol and Al Gore Said the Same Thing on the Same Day??
Turkeys on the Moon...
I know one way to end voter apathy amongst our youth...
Iraqi troops given chemical arms, claims ex-colonel
Is it "ancient history" if the perpetrator serves on the Defense Policy Board which meets in the Pentagon and Advises the Administration?
Hee hee hee hee
How 'bout they both open their sealed Governor papers at the same time and we'll the one that doesn't go to jail gets to be Prez for four years?
Another "Fair and Balanced" Cartoon for Y'all
"ALBA"? What kinda accronym is that?
I went to school with Matt Taibbi and thought he was a smart guy - here's what he thinks about the Clark Candidacy
Ah for those heady days when an attorney general could subvert political opposition by all means necessary....
An Interesting Press Release from the United Steel Workers of America
Paul Krugman on Civility in our Political Discourse
Interesting title for an editorial, eh Jacques?
If they'd just stop sinnin' and start breedin' we'd have a whole hell of a lot more good American soldiers, I mean children.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Maybe Helen Thomas is a duck, too.
Reassurance from the front
Cleaner at Wal-Mart Tells of Few Breaks and Low Pay
Feds Arrest 300 Workers at 61 Wal-Marts
Keepin' it real
'Leftist', culture wars, etc.
How the 'Radicals' can save the Democrats


beat of the earth
Good Times in Academia
Noah Purifoy site photos
house of the future
A fully clothed and floridated devotee playing a sacremental organ in worship of the anti-JR BOB DOBBS False JEHOVAH-1 2004
Winter is getting colder
FOund Objects Festival
meter yer freedim
The Toilet Online - Leave It To Bush!
Yo La Tengo sketches
the wrath and the glory
When caricature goes bad.
dis poem
Recent Work for Tailor's Apprentice
free mac display fonts
Creepy Funny Leisuretown comics
land of many distant suns...
Sound action
Est is Good citizen of the day
thank you Your Tax Dollars Delivering Good Design
angelo muscat
If your heart is not...
Prisoner made arts and crafts for sale
the light looks like stars
Jason Shiga
Moving Visions
dropping White Owl feathers
picking feathers from sleeping White Owl
watching the White Owl
Fresnel Lens; Cats
collecting feathers
"Real feathers!" cried the owl
Dead Owls climb paradise trees
getting old
Paradise Trees
Dead Owls Approaching Tree sequence
close to random
Sventa Niffid, daughter of Cornelius Niffid
Sanjay returns with the firewood.
Russians Enter Romania, 1944



The Occupation? Fuggedaboutit!
Medicare and "Why Conservatives Can't Govern" by Alan Wolfe
on listening to right wing radio
Corporate Communication, Circa 1997.
Now Is Not the Time For National Unity!
Healing -
Meep Meep Meep.
Nuts with hunger
Leftist street dissent w/stickers
Cat Power
No man is an island
Piping hot coffee
Spring Breeze
Why do I always have to come over?
Bob Ross
Marvin's dozer
Iraq on the Record
A Note of Appreciation from the Rich
Governator Schwartzenegger
more O'Reilly Factor
brave or free?
creepy movie
Nation braces for flood of self-absorbed NYC writing
Jack Van Impe presents...
The Leader
Atomic Bomb, Hiroshima - an exerpt from Zinn
Bush Quotes
Kill Kill Kill
Thank you for buying a McDonnell Douglas military aircraft
Kean, Chairman of 9-11 Comission troubled by government "minders"

Emotional Rescue

diana prince
burnout heaven
'Cutest baby, ever' comments cause controversy
Rock and Roll Won't Save Yer Soul

Fascist Fantasy™

Goodbye Cruel World
Repealing the MCA would be a nice way to start the year.
Whom do the "digital brownshirts" serve?
puking on the national review
Luis Posada Carriles - Terrorist Airline Bomber Up For U.S. Citizenship?
and Hilarity ensues...
10-Year U.S. Strategic Plan For Detention Camps Revives Proposals From Oliver North
Bush Has Crossed the Rubicon
Al Gore, Taft Conservative
Bush Drinking Again? I'll have another WMD highball.
the "war on christmas"
Fuck the 'New York Times'
Stranger than Truth?
Utah rave bustedFreedom
Gagged, But Not Dead,
Downing Street memo
Luntz Memo at Luntzspeak
Information Warfare
music, reappropriated
The Coming Wars
The 14 Characteristics of Fascism
Well, I guess this place just ain't the same without our token Red-State Lovin', Christian-right followin', Pacificism disdainin' Jacques, but here's an interesting article by a very interesting guy. (If you're still out there lurkin', Jacques, you can co
Family Values 101
Coups 'R' Us?
Ever wonder why Bush didn't make it over to Caracas on his Tour of the South America?
Who cares if i'm dumb... at least i'm RIGHT
Ever Wonder Why Putin Supports Bush and the E.U. prefer Kerry?
Pay no attention to the suits behind the curtain
book burning, I mean destroying.
Lies and the Lying Liars.....
The Delusions of David Horowitz
Gosh, I wonder why Colin Powell didn't want to be flanked by this image while making a spurious case for the a little "shock and awe"
The Enemy Press
You Have Rights -- if Bush Says You Do
Depleted Uranium: War on Iraq Is A Nuclear War
When will Joseph Wilson learn that 2 + 2 = 5?
Protests, Even Buttons, Verboten in Crawford
Rush Limbaugh says "wars every 20 years are good"
But it's the ACLU that GOD Hates - He Told Me So
Bush's Warfare State
Shut Up, War Critics
prom '04
Opening Day
If Karl Rove and Co. are allowed to arrange their re-selection it's because Americans Are Naturally Warlike AND Stupid
arnold on meet the press
Marketing Babblespeak
UPI: 9/11 director gave evidence to own inquiry
Heil Hit-Slur!
What, No Fanfare?
Wants to catch up on Grand Theft Auto:Vice City
funny is when it hurts a little
Private Lynch
Meanwhile, back on the home front
We don't need no stinkin' recountable ballots!
Bush Cites Phillipines as Model in Rebuilding Iraq
I think I know why conservatives don't really want to talk politics right now...
National Forest Products Week!
Pat Robertson Suggests 'Nuking' State Department
1976: Cuban Airliner Bombed
Politics makes for strange bedfellows
Davidian Rants
fair and balanced
It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis
Fear/Agression-Based Pt. 2
no boundaries
Angel of Death
internal medicine
The emotional connection payoff
Measure that loyalty


coq au basque
Fight consumerism at home
Beef Medallions
Meat garnished cocktail is reality
ghost of reagan
Good article on diet/obesity/etc.
have cocktail names, need recipes
the aristide
folgerz fizz?
Chili for chili dogs
Cocktail of the Week
Mustard glazed
pizza tonight
pacific sunset?
The Frisco
westbrooks bbq
Shrub, the dinner guest
Just one of the reasons I like organic t-bone steaks (rubbed with garlic, grilled medium rare, thin-sliced, and drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice)
Walker's Restaurant and pie shop
Taco Truck
Mad Skills No. 2
Pizza Dough
Mi Carnita Hermosa
the turf cocktail

George W. Bush

Jude Wanniski
Helen Thomas
State of the Union
State of the Union 2006 - Bush Impression
Is this "Strict Constructionism" in Action?
medicare switch effects on small pharmacies : overwhelmed by "glitches"
Medicare debacle
Luis Posada Carriles Seeking Political Asylum in U.S.
The Ballad of The Bush Leagues

BushQuotes pre-Sept. 17
Bush giving the finger
Decline of Dubya's Delivery
Damning memos update
Sovereign entities sound bit
The truth comes out?
Dubya or FDR?
just a freedom hat-or

good times

Portland Peace Rally
Erinia Jourdanski Semiotician to the Stars
Candy Pancakes Movie Revisited
IC = World Capital of Slack
Oakland Style
New Oakland Bar
Sports Fan
Jason and Laura's Wedding
Holly Golightly in Chicago
help Jacques plan his Chicago trip.
Mideast's Voice of Peace to Rise Again
Learn Disco
One Button
Crashed by Car


Globalisation is an Anomaly and Its Time is Running Out
Does your household have a 'screaming hippie' mug?
install the small machine
Bush on Smog, R Buckminster Fuller on Smog
Power Outage, Greg Palast, I'm going camping
don't ask don't tell
Very sad things....
living and transit

leisure activities

Got Obscenity?
it's nice outside.
Iowa City, 1989
Cocktail of the Moment
Cocktail of the Moment
watering the driveway.
get high, don't eat, and play poker.
it's beautiful
Cocktail of the Moment
Cocktail of the Moment
COTM*/Use The More Perishable Meats
Cocktail of the Week
iChat Manga
Music gift suggestions
Visionaries Hope NASA Plan Includes Mars...
We're Number 1!! in Moral Character
What the??


At least we know what Michael Moore's next movie WON'T be about.
Where is the Bush puppet?
fascist zombies
"Didn't they do Southpark?!"
New Miyazaki: Howl's Moving Castle
Pete's movie list
Go Get 'Em Mikey
Mortimer & Human Defender movie


sly returns
"Disco Sucks!", the first cry of the angry white male
beat of the jihad of invention
Bright Eyes single 'When the President Talks to God'
Casino Versus Japan
A great article about downloading legal music
example files prove good source
pepito and half handed cloud and more
Rad Band
Anthony Braxton
dear people,
aoki takamasa
THE black house


Good Times in Academia, Part II
Q: What do you get when you mix WAR PORN with GAY PORN?
Let the healing begin. :: TV Ads :: TV Ads :: TV Ads
Interview with President Bush on "Meet the Press"
They say they aren't, but I say they're oh so politically correct


After Neoconservatism - New York Times
power of nightmares
Where Did the Middle Go? How Polarized Politics and a Radical GOP have Put a Chill on Measured Debate?
Donald Rumsfeld Feedback Loop

political violence

Monitoring Human Rights in Iraq Newsletter - No.1, January 29 2006
Am I the only person who still checks out "Citizens"?
Meeting a family member of the victim of Luis Posada Carriles
Thinking of Jacques...
WAR PORN (missing jacques)
Tell Them, 'Because our Fathers Lied'
Read It.
9/11 chat, continued.
Lileks on 9/11
Eh. I'm back I think
A Time to Weep
Ray Reynolds
Allies accused of breaking Geneva Conventions on civilian losses
Atrocities in Iraq: 'I Killed Innocent People for Our Government'
It's no wonder the right doesn't wanna blog no more
The New Pentagon Papers
Robert McNamara: 'It's just wrong what we're doing'
United States Central Intelligence Agency FREEDOM FIGHTER'S MANUAL
War College Report: Iraq War an 'Error
Thanks Saddam!
Victor Davis Hanson on Blood & Iron
More about Kissenger and Argentina
Revisiting Cold War Coups and Finding Them Costly
Geneva Initiative
Kyle Hence on 9/11 Investigation
Steyn on Shrub's trip to see the queen
Yay! Chinese toy recreates 9/11 carnage for kids!
Yom Kipur 2003
Newsweek: Americans in Denial About Iraq
NY hosts war on terror summit
more good news from Iraq
'Clowning' in Palestine/Israel
The Fine Line between Revenge and Murder
Pentagon Rethinks Use of Cluster Bombs
Exploring the roots of radicalism
If it's Friday, it's Meet Victor Davis Hanson!
March to More
Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein
Depleted Uranium
it don't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows
Bring them on
VDH on 'balance'
Personal Kills
Helen Caldicott: America's use of depleted uranium weapons
Huwaida Arraf
John Dean: WMD
Cost of War
Voices in the Wilderness Barred
Iraq Civilians Opinion by Masuda Sultan
Chris Hedges' "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning"
russian intelligence, also napalm
someone sent me this link


Political Animals: Gore Vidal, William F. Buckley and the ’68 Conventions
Born again vs. the renaissance, Ross Pourzal
Jerry Brown, former governor, current mayor, current blogger
someone was listening
Year of Surrendering Quietly
In the immortal words of that most compromised of self-appointed "leaders" of Black America: "Keep Hope Alive!"
In 2004 It Was “Right and Wrong” that Went Wrong
It's the 'Moral Values', stupid.
60 Minutes possible forged documents, Rove couldn't have planned it better
Victor Davis Hanson: Brace Yourself
Bruce Springsteen's 'Emergency Intervention'
The Single Largest Contributer to the Bush '00 Campaign Was....
"The Ballad of The Bush Leagues"
Bill Eases Vote Curb on Churches
Ballad of The Bush Leagues
just cuz I hate freeedumb
A little update
Language and Culture of Hawai'i
How the Republicans have been more successful at framing issues than the Democrats
CJR Campaign Desk
"The left-wing take-over of the Democrats continues apace"
National Review backs Dean
Arianna Huffington's Friendster
Tacitus "top 20 worst of the 20th century"
familiar tactics
Molly Ivins Column
August 6th, 1945
Truth and Reconciliation
$$ for democracy
Guatemala, General Ríos Montt
All the Shah's Men
Puerto Rico... Iraq
Caprice Classic
WMD on google
'In defence of elderly hippies' - the Economist
Creepy Flag Burning Desecration Act Voted on.
Interview with Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wilderness
Kilroy's Still Here
The Secrets of September 11
What Color is your Diaper?
WFBuckley with the final word on the subject of Bill Bennett
Nuclear War by Yo La Tengo
1 Corinthians 6


Father Michael Lapsley Sermon, SSM on Guy Fawkes Day Nov. 5
Thinking of Jacques...
Well, I guess a slim majority of U.S. citizens who voted chose the wrong Yale Grad over the preferable One...Sigh....
Oh, would that we would not have to.


Restless Me - The Journal of World Travel
Teresa campaign journal excerpt
Uh! Ah! Chavez no se va!
Terms of Denouement for Venezuela Opposition
Vegoil Adventure Trip Journal
Laughter and Lies in London
orange county
in Palestine
sea craft


Comments are ON
Comment spam
free and very cheep phone for macintosh
how to get out of Iraq
The Strategist and the Philosopher
Framing the Dems.
Regarding The "Booming Economic Recovery"
"political hate speech"


Burning Dirty Hippie Appears In Sky: Tells People to Repent
News of the Day
San Jose
Tawdry lead
This is the first song on our new album
Missouri 9-11 parents struggle with deep void