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April 2007

Goodbye Cruel World ? by evil-barry
GOP: Arrest Citizens with no review, Maybeeeee.. ? by evil-barry

March 2007

This is how administrations implode (Har Har Har): ? by Slothrop

February 2007

wow ? by evil-barry

January 2007

Got Obscenity? ? by Slothrop
sly returns ? by pibor
tee hee ? by Slothrop

December 2006

coq au basque ? by pibor
Repealing the MCA would be a nice way to start the year. ? by Slothrop
Father Michael Lapsley Sermon, SSM on Guy Fawkes Day Nov. 5 ? by evil-barry

November 2006

Ah, Sweet Blissful Schadenfreude (Let the Hearings Commence) ? by Slothrop

October 2006

kids at war ? by evil-barry
Whats with these 'halo' photos? ? by evil-barry

September 2006

Pakistan signs peace deal with pro-Taliban militants ? by evil-barry
Hugo Chavez Sept. 20 UN Speech, the 'devil' and Luis Posada Carriles ? by evil-barry
Declaration of Peace to Oregon Senator Gordon Smith's office ? by evil-barry
Laser them protesters! ? by evil-barry
Statement by the Committee of Relatives of the Victims of the Cubana Flight Blown up off Barbados ? by evil-barry
Watch this Video ? by evil-barry
9/11 ? by evil-barry
media framing of 9/11 ? by evil-barry
uh ? by evil-barry
"Century of the Self" ? by evil-barry
Angola, John Stockwell, Charlie Hayden ? by evil-barry

August 2006

Whom do the "digital brownshirts" serve? ? by Slothrop
The Occupation? Fuggedaboutit! ? by evil-barry
puking on the national review ? by evil-barry

July 2006

Luis Posada Carriles - Terrorist Airline Bomber Up For U.S. Citizenship? ? by evil-barry

June 2006

I Wanna Drink With James Howard Kunstler ? by Slothrop
Medicare and "Why Conservatives Can't Govern" by Alan Wolfe ? by evil-barry
it's nice outside. ? by evil-barry
al-Zarqawi ? by evil-barry

April 2006

Name Them Babies ? by evil-barry
Bush: "I'm the decider and I decide what's best." ? by evil-barry
The war on Christmas part deux ? by evil-barry

March 2006

and Hilarity ensues... ? by evil-barry
Jude Wanniski ? by evil-barry
Helen Thomas ? by evil-barry
on listening to right wing radio ? by evil-barry
Portland Peace Rally ? by evil-barry
Kurt Vonnegut Wrote Circles Around Both Gore and Capote ? by Slothrop

February 2006

Political Animals: Gore Vidal, William F. Buckley and the ’68 Conventions ? by evil-barry
10-Year U.S. Strategic Plan For Detention Camps Revives Proposals From Oliver North ? by evil-barry
After Neoconservatism - New York Times ? by evil-barry
J Lo's Ass ? by Slothrop
re: Slaughterhouse '06 ? by Slothrop

January 2006

Comments are ON ? by evil-barry
State of the Union ? by evil-barry
Monitoring Human Rights in Iraq Newsletter - No.1, January 29 2006 ? by evil-barry
State of the Union 2006 - Bush Impression ? by evil-barry
Is this "Strict Constructionism" in Action? ? by evil-barry
power of nightmares ? by pibor
medicare switch effects on small pharmacies : overwhelmed by "glitches" ? by evil-barry
Bush Has Crossed the Rubicon ? by evil-barry
Al Gore, Taft Conservative ? by evil-barry
Debt ? by evil-barry
Medicare debacle ? by evil-barry
Bush Drinking Again? I'll have another WMD highball. ? by evil-barry
the "war on christmas" ? by evil-barry
Fuck the 'New York Times' ? by evil-barry
When Dave Thinks You're an Asshole, You're One Big Asshole. ? by Slothrop

December 2005

Santarchy! ? by evil-barry
The Challenge in the South ? by Slothrop

November 2005

Hatch refers to Iraq as Vietnam ? by Slothrop
War Nerd - Victor Hanson: Portrait of an American Traitor ? by evil-barry
Am I the only person who still checks out "Citizens"? ? by Slothrop

October 2005

Clipped From Huffington Post bloggg while not getting my work done... ? by Slothrop

September 2005

Meeting a family member of the victim of Luis Posada Carriles ? by evil-barry
The Mysteries of New Orleans ? by Slothrop
Stranger than Truth? ? by Slothrop
Buh-bye ? by Slothrop
WAKE UP! ? by Slothrop
NO ? by pibor

August 2005

Duh. ? by Slothrop
Utah rave bustedFreedom ? by evil-barry
Thinking of Jacques... ? by Slothrop
Globalisation is an Anomaly and Its Time is Running Out ? by Slothrop

July 2005

Hotel Rwanda ? by evil-barry
Thinking of Jacques... ? by Slothrop
"Disco Sucks!", the first cry of the angry white male ? by evil-barry

June 2005

beat of the jihad of invention ? by pibor
Know Yer History ? by Slothrop
Scenes from the MJ trial ? by est
Bring It Down. Now. ? by Slothrop

May 2005

Gagged, But Not Dead, ? by evil-barry
Erinia Jourdanski Semiotician to the Stars ? by evil-barry
Meanwhile, on the "Huffington Post" ? by Slothrop
Downing Street memo ? by evil-barry
Good Times in Academia, Part II ? by Slothrop
NUKING DEMOCRACY ? by evil-barry
Climate Change ? by Slothrop
An Overview of the U.S. Political Right ? by evil-barry
Luis Posada Carriles Seeking Political Asylum in U.S. ? by evil-barry
beat of the earth ? by pibor

April 2005

Never Again? ? by Slothrop
Jesus Was No GOP Lobbyist ? by Slothrop
Marla Ruzicka ? by evil-barry
Born again vs. the renaissance, Ross Pourzal ? by evil-barry
diana prince ? by pibor
burnout heaven ? by evil-barry
Sunshine ? by evil-barry
Conservatives distort papal legacy on Iraq war ? by Slothrop

March 2005

The way the wind is blowin' ? by Slothrop
Don't look now, but the neo-cons are looking South again. ? by Slothrop
Restless Me - The Journal of World Travel ? by evil-barry
Rodrigo and the payroll ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
'A Very Long and Very Bloody War' ? by evil-barry
Good Times in Academia ? by Slothrop
Noah Purifoy site photos ? by est
Iowa City, 1989 ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Luntz Memo at Luntzspeak ? by evil-barry
Corporate Communication, Circa 1997. ? by evil-barry
Burning Dirty Hippie Appears In Sky: Tells People to Repent ? by evil-barry
house of the future ? by pibor
I am over at their house ? by instatonic
You know it's a trend when Larry Rohter perceives it. ? by Slothrop

February 2005

I e-mailed Jacques about this last week, and he had no comment ? by Slothrop
The Language Police: Gettin Jiggy with Frank Luntz ? by evil-barry
Brought to you by: Pat Buchanon's "American Conservative" (Go, Pat, Go!) ? by Slothrop
Jerry Brown, former governor, current mayor, current blogger ? by pibor
A fully clothed and floridated devotee playing a sacremental organ in worship of the anti-JR BOB DOBBS False JEHOVAH-1 2004 ? by evil-barry
News of the Day ? by evil-barry
Q: What do you get when you mix WAR PORN with GAY PORN? ? by Slothrop
WAR PORN (missing jacques) ? by Slothrop
Bright Eyes single 'When the President Talks to God' ? by evil-barry
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
Cocktail of The Moment ? by est
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
Information Warfare ? by est

January 2005

Tell Them, 'Because our Fathers Lied' ? by Slothrop
Another columnist paid by your tax dollars to push their stupid shit ? by evil-barry
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
Cocktail of The Moment ? by est
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
I'm not the only one using the dreaded F-word around here. ? by Slothrop
Retiree Doggedly Pursues Legal Challenge of Iraq War ? by evil-barry
music, reappropriated ? by evil-barry
Four More ? by est
The Coming Wars ? by est
Turning Up the Heat on Bush | Robert L. Borosage ? by evil-barry
The world according to neo-con orthodoxy... ? by Slothrop
It's time to move beyond "Er --. Uh--" ? by Slothrop
The 14 Characteristics of Fascism ? by Slothrop
I wish Madonna was my ex-wife ? by Slothrop
someone was listening ? by pibor
n stuff ? by evil-barry
Clare Alison Maynard: Dandelion ? by evil-barry

December 2004

Year of Surrendering Quietly ? by est
Cindy Sheehan - Whose Son Died in Iraq - Responds to Time Magazine's Choice for "Man of the Year" ? by evil-barry
Hey, wait a minute, I thought Jesus was for kickin' A-rab Ass! ? by Slothrop
My Family In Iraq ? by evil-barry
Pinochet ? by Corn Dog
Fight consumerism at home ? by pibor
DU part 2 ? by evil-barry
Depleted Uranium, Phillip Berrigan ? by evil-barry
Gary Webb ? by evil-barry
Buy Blue ? by evil-barry
Bill Moyers on the Environment ? by evil-barry
Ah, the Hubris of Empire ? by Slothrop
Another good article on "What's the matter with Republicans" ? by Slothrop
Another good article on 'What's the Matter with Democrats?', etc. ? by evil-barry

November 2004

Well, I guess this place just ain't the same without our token Red-State Lovin', Christian-right followin', Pacificism disdainin' Jacques, but here's an interesting article by a very interesting guy. (If you're still out there lurkin', Jacques, you can co ? by Slothrop
Family Values 101 ? by Slothrop
Coups 'R' Us? ? by Slothrop
Bush's 'Perception Management' Plan ? by evil-barry
I don't know if any of you care about Venezuela one way or the other, but it is important to note that their President has been ratified in four landslide elections. ? by Slothrop
Ever wonder why Bush didn't make it over to Caracas on his Tour of the South America? ? by Slothrop
A friend of Mencken's ? by Slothrop
As Democracy is perfected... ? by evil-barry
In the immortal words of that most compromised of self-appointed "leaders" of Black America: "Keep Hope Alive!" ? by Slothrop
Now Is Not the Time For National Unity! ? by Slothrop
Time for a little "State's Rights" of Our Own? ? by Slothrop
The Ballad of The Bush Leagues
? by est
If only Kelly could watch FOX News while living in Spain. Then she'd still believe. ? by Slothrop
Bush, God, and Moral Values ? by Slothrop
Aggressive War: Supreme International Crime ? by Slothrop
In 2004 It Was “Right and Wrong” that Went Wrong ? by evil-barry
The 'Reagan Coalition' ? by evil-barry
True Color of America ? by evil-barry
This email is good. ? by evil-barry
JesusLand ? by est
Living Poor, Voting Rich ? by evil-barry
It's the 'Moral Values', stupid. ? by evil-barry
Winter is getting colder ? by pibor
Healing - ? by pibor
Let the healing begin. ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
At least we know what Michael Moore's next movie WON'T be about. ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Simple but Effective - Why you keep losing to this idiot. ? by evil-barry
Well, I guess a slim majority of U.S. citizens who voted chose the wrong Yale Grad over the preferable One...Sigh.... ? by Slothrop
Beef Medallions ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
GET HIM OUT ? by pibor
BushQuotes pre-Sept. 17 ? by est
Candy Pancakes Movie Revisited ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd

October 2004

ASCII BUSH ? by evil-barry
Barking Moonbat Early Warning System ? by evil-barry
Bush giving the finger ? by evil-barry
Poop Valhalla ? by evil-barry
The Intensity Gap ? by evil-barry
FOund Objects Festival ? by pibor
A better spot to watch the John Stewart clip ? by evil-barry
Jon Stewart's Brutal Exchange with CNN Host ? by evil-barry
Who cares if i'm dumb... at least i'm RIGHT ? by est
Ever Wonder Why Putin Supports Bush and the E.U. prefer Kerry? ? by Slothrop
Casino Versus Japan ? by evil-barry
Most Read Entries and Most Commented Entries on Sidebar Now ? by evil-barry
Life in the Echo Chamber ? by Slothrop
F%$& Big Media ? by evil-barry
San Jose ? by pibor
John Stewart on 'Crossfire' ? by evil-barry
Good News for the GOP ? by Slothrop
Without a Doubt ? by Slothrop
"Requiem for a Dreamer" by Kurt Vonnegut ? by Slothrop
Tawdry lead ? by pibor
meter yer freedim ? by pibor
go mom ? by grommit
watering the driveway. ? by pibor
Where is the Bush puppet? ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
fascist zombies ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
I suppose Mai Lai didn't happen either ? by Slothrop
Eisenhower, Wasn't He a Godless Communist? ? by Slothrop
Tom Tomorrow...for President ? by Slothrop
"Didn't they do Southpark?!" ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Where Did the Middle Go? How Polarized Politics and a Radical GOP have Put a Chill on Measured Debate? ? by evil-barry
The American Assembler - The facts about George Bush's lies, corruption, and incompetence. ? by evil-barry
Pay no attention to the suits behind the curtain ? by Slothrop
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
pResident Evil billboard ? by evil-barry or .org - Cheney's double oops ? by evil-barry
The Toilet Online - Leave It To Bush! ? by evil-barry
book burning, I mean destroying. ? by pibor
Lies and the Lying Liars..... ? by Slothrop
When War Hits Home ? by Slothrop
A movie ? by evil-barry
Yo La Tengo sketches ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd

September 2004

POLAND!!! ? by evil-barry
Decline of Dubya's Delivery ? by est
earthquake ? by evil-barry
How are your neighbors voting? ? by est
Republicans Admit Mailing Campaign Literature Saying Liberals Will Ban the Bible ? by Slothrop
the wrath and the glory ? by pibor
You're gonna have to do better than that... ? by Slothrop
E.L. Doctorow ? by evil-barry
Comment spam ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
This is the first song on our new album ? by evil-barry
Basta Ya ? by evil-barry
When caricature goes bad. ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
dis poem ? by pibor
get high, don't eat, and play poker. ? by pibor
Five things that are getting under Zell Miller’s hide ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Read It. ? by Slothrop
Damning memos update ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
9/11 chat, continued. ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
My Comment on 9-11 ? by evil-barry
A great article about downloading legal music ? by evil-barry
Lileks on 9/11 ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
The Delusions of David Horowitz ? by evil-barry
60 Minutes possible forged documents, Rove couldn't have planned it better ? by evil-barry
New Miyazaki: Howl's Moving Castle ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Victor Davis Hanson: Brace Yourself ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Damned fine protesting, sir. I salute you. ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd

August 2004

Nothing to see here...move on! ? by Slothrop
Vietnam Veterans against Kerry - they like to smear McCain, too. ? by evil-barry
We're Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore ? by evil-barry
Find the Cost of Freedom... ? by Slothrop
Sports Illustrated - Iraqi soccer players upset about Bush campaign ads ? by evil-barry
Okay...but Kerry is a Big Weenie! ? by Slothrop
The Thief of Baghdad ? by Slothrop
Meat garnished cocktail is reality ? by pibor
Cheney Speaks to the Reptile Brain ? by evil-barry
I don't care. I'm still voting for Bush. Kerry is a weeny. ? by Slothrop
I don't care. I'm still voting for Bush. Kerry is a weeny. ? by Slothrop
Olympics ? by evil-barry
The 1964 Democratic Convention, Civil Rights, the South and 'Values' vrs. 'Rights' ? by evil-barry
Teresa campaign journal excerpt ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd 2004 Election Guide ? by evil-barry
Let Them Eat Cake... ? by Slothrop
Bush's Yale Rugby Sucker Punch ? by evil-barry
Uh! Ah! Chavez no se va! ? by Slothrop
Recent Work for Tailor's Apprentice ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Nothing to see here! Everyone must continue shopping! ? by Slothrop
Sovereign entities sound bit ? by est
Bruce Springsteen's 'Emergency Intervention' ? by evil-barry
New Dumb Bush Freudian Slip ? by evil-barry
Does your household have a 'screaming hippie' mug? ? by evil-barry
Celebreties Against War – Pro War Poem ? by evil-barry
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
Michael Savage on SF Human Rights Commission ? by evil-barry
Now, who would talk ill of the best President we ever had...especially after he died?? This "Sara Miles" person probably oughta just move on up to Vancouver. ? by Slothrop

July 2004

Clipped from a funny site: ? by Slothrop
So when a 21st century American calls herself a "Conservative" -- what exactly is being conserved? ? by Slothrop
Freedom, Democracy, Women's Rights...Right? ? by Slothrop
Go, Pat, Go! ? by Slothrop
That was a pretty good speech ? by Slothrop
Gosh, I wonder why Colin Powell didn't want to be flanked by this image while making a spurious case for the a little "shock and awe" ? by Slothrop
Sterling Hayden - In Passing ? by evil-barry
Meanwhile, back in our own little hemisphere's biggest oil exporting country... ? by Slothrop
Scott Ritter is such a commie. Good conservatives like Rush and O'Reilly have a much firmer grasp on the military realities facing us. ? by Slothrop
This is probably just a big lie, written to undermine the school building and such that we are engaged in as part of our plan to bring democracy and freedom to Iraq ? by Slothrop
Law Not War ? by Slothrop
'Cutest baby, ever' comments cause controversy ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Funny for y'all ? by Slothrop
What if it could? ? by Slothrop
merchmerchmerch ? by pibor
Failure Is Not an Option, It's Mandatory ? by evil-barry
One more little tidbit to avoid mentioning to the kiddies while tucking them in... ? by Slothrop
I'll tell you what Jesus would do: He'd vote a straight ticket for the G.O.P. After all, he was always so pro-war, so staunchly in favor of middle-class tax breaks, and so very against public expenditures for the poor and dispossessed. ? by Slothrop
Because, when you're making a Western-style democracy omelette, you gotta break some eggs. ? by Slothrop
it's beautiful ? by pibor
Meeep. Moooop. Meeeeeep. ? by Slothrop
Cottonmouth ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Meeep. Meeeeep. Mooooooop. ? by Slothrop
Meep Meep Meep. ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
John Sayles 'Silver City - vote "Dickie" Pilager 2004 ? by evil-barry
The Single Largest Contributer to the Bush '00 Campaign Was.... ? by Slothrop
Yeah, well....they got ruined.....during the bad ol' Clinton days..... ? by Slothrop
OUTFOXED: ? by evil-barry
E Tu Tony? ? by Slothrop
Nuts with hunger ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Terms of Denouement for Venezuela Opposition ? by Slothrop
VP: John Edwards ? by evil-barry
Sibel Edmonds ? by evil-barry
Editorial: Roots of 4th are radical ? by evil-barry
Oakland's Grand Lake Theatre Marquee ? by evil-barry
GUILTIED! ? by evil-barry
Leftist street dissent w/stickers ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
free mac display fonts ? by evil-barry

June 2004

Hitler in a Bush Ad ? by evil-barry
The Enemy Press ? by evil-barry
free and very cheep phone for macintosh ? by pibor
Cat Power ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
No man is an island ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Piping hot coffee ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
The F-Word Part 2: Cheney Utters 'F-Word' in Senate - Aides ? by evil-barry
The F-Word Part 1: Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides ? by evil-barry
Creepy Funny Leisuretown comics ? by evil-barry
Spring Breeze ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Why do I always have to come over? ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Bob Ross ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Eh. I'm back I think ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
The Hunting of the President ? by evil-barry
land of many distant suns... ? by pibor
A Time to Weep ? by Slothrop
Strong at the Broken Places, a triple amputee Vietnam vet helps wounded Iraq War soldiers ? by evil-barry
"The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement - U.S. Media's Dirty Little Secret", by Bill Douglas ? by evil-barry
ghost of reagan ? by pibor
19 Questions to the 9/11 Commission, 1 of which has been answered ? by evil-barry
"The Ballad of The Bush Leagues" ? by est
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
Bill Eases Vote Curb on Churches ? by est
Michael Moore | Fahrenheit 9/11 ? by evil-barry
Marvin's dozer ? by est
a couple a nights ago ? by evil-barry
thank god reagan is dead ? by pibor
Bush interviwed by Paris Match ? by est
Ballad of The Bush Leagues ? by est
You Have Rights -- if Bush Says You Do ? by Slothrop
IC = World Capital of Slack ? by Slothrop

May 2004

Sound action ? by evil-barry
Grief doesn't entitle Sept. 11 families to their entitlement attitude - 05/23/04 ? by evil-barry
Pete's movie list ? by est
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
"absurd products of the zeitgeist" ? by evil-barry
Culture clash in the South Seas ? by evil-barry
example files prove good source ? by pibor
Ray Reynolds ? by evil-barry
Good article on diet/obesity/etc. ? by est
Allies accused of breaking Geneva Conventions on civilian losses ? by evil-barry
Go Get 'Em Mikey ? by Slothrop
Atrocities in Iraq: 'I Killed Innocent People for Our Government' ? by Slothrop
Senator Joseph McCarthy... and The Usual Suspects... ? by evil-barry
medea benjamin ? by evil-barry
have cocktail names, need recipes ? by pibor
the aristide ? by pibor
Eco-Friendly Prefab Houses ? by evil-barry
Est is Good citizen of the day ? by pibor
Depleted Uranium: War on Iraq Is A Nuclear War ? by evil-barry
how to get out of Iraq ? by evil-barry
The Strategist and the Philosopher ? by evil-barry
Rush Limbaugh on Iraqi abuse Photos ? by evil-barry
Grand Lake Theatre - Oakland, CA ? by evil-barry
When will Joseph Wilson learn that 2 + 2 = 5? ? by Slothrop
Protests, Even Buttons, Verboten in Crawford ? by evil-barry
Donald Rumsfeld Feedback Loop ? by evil-barry
Rush Limbaugh says "wars every 20 years are good" ? by evil-barry
Human Kleenex ? by grommit
Barbara Bush's Beautiful Mind ? by grommit

April 2004

Hubris and Cheney ? by evil-barry
Oakland Style ? by Slothrop
But it's the ACLU that GOD Hates - He Told Me So ? by Slothrop
GOD SAVE AMERICA ? by evil-barry
Bush's Warfare State ? by Slothrop
Shut Up, War Critics ? by Slothrop
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
prom '04 ? by pibor ? by est
Cocktail of the Moment ? by est
folgerz fizz? ? by pibor
COTM*/Use The More Perishable Meats ? by est
Opening Day ? by est
Ant farm project tries students' soles ? by Corn Dog
Chili for chili dogs ? by pibor
Iraq on the Record ? by evil-barry

March 2004

just cuz I hate freeedumb ? by pibor
If Karl Rove and Co. are allowed to arrange their re-selection it's because Americans Are Naturally Warlike AND Stupid ? by Slothrop
It's no wonder the right doesn't wanna blog no more ? by Slothrop
Cocktail of the Week ? by est
install the small machine ? by pibor
pepito and half handed cloud and more ? by pibor
Gerrymandering: How Politicians Steal Votes and You Can Return Them ? by evil-barry - If Clarke Is Right, Bush Must Go ? by evil-barry
Mustard glazed ? by est
BitTorrent and RSS ? by evil-barry
LegalTorrents - Your source for legal BitTorrent files ? by evil-barry
Exploiting 9/11, Badly ? by evil-barry
Vegoil Adventure Trip Journal ? by evil-barry
Does Anyone Else Smell A Draft Coming? ? by Slothrop
Because, What We Really Needed Was Another Country to Occupy... ? by Slothrop
Cocktail of the Week ? by est
The New Pentagon Papers ? by Slothrop
Spy Unit Skirted CIA on Iraq ? by Slothrop
Running Man ? by est
Cocktail of the Week ? by est
A little update ? by est
Let the GOOOOD TIIIIMES ROOOO-OOLLLLL ? by Slothrop :: TV Ads ? by evil-barry :: TV Ads ? by evil-barry :: TV Ads ? by evil-barry
President Aristide: 'I Was Kidnapped' - 'Tell The World It Is A Coup' ? by Slothrop
Chavez Calls Bush 'Asshole' as Foes Fight Troops ? by Slothrop
Language and Culture of Hawai'i ? by evil-barry
passion ? by pibor

February 2004

Iraqi Passport ? by evil-barry
How the Republicans have been more successful at framing issues than the Democrats ? by evil-barry
He's not talking about John Kerry....right?? ? by Slothrop
Those French Just Won't Stop Pointing Out That Our Prez is a Schmuck ? by Slothrop
Maybe Ken Starr could use some work.... ? by Slothrop
arnold on meet the press ? by pibor
thank you ? by pibor
A Note of Appreciation from the Rich ? by bjornborg
Sometimes I want to give Pat Buchanan a big hug. ? by Slothrop
What's in a Word? ? by evil-barry
Marketing Babblespeak ? by evil-barry Your Tax Dollars Delivering Good Design ? by evil-barry
DailyShow: Jon Stewart ? by evil-barry
An Open Letter from Michael Moore to George "I'm a War President!" Bush ? by evil-barry
Interview with President Bush on "Meet the Press" ? by evil-barry
service recall ? by pibor
President Sounds Like Retard - Even Neo-Lib Hawks Concede He Might in Fact Be A Retard ? by Slothrop
Love That Dare Not Squeak Its Name ? by evil-barry
pizza tonight ? by pibor
pacific sunset? ? by pibor
angelo muscat ? by pibor
Thank You Joe Trippi ? by Slothrop
A former Clintonian Democrat Turned Prophet of the New Anger, Someone Who Opposed Invading Iraq Unilaterally, It was a nice dream. ? by Slothrop
Robert McNamara: 'It's just wrong what we're doing' ? by evil-barry

January 2004

United States Central Intelligence Agency FREEDOM FIGHTER'S MANUAL ? by evil-barry
If your heart is not... ? by evil-barry
Letters to the Editor.. 9/11 investigation ? by evil-barry
The Yes Men ? by evil-barry
How lucky I was........and thanks for the memories... ? by Slothrop
Dick Cheney -- Lying Sack of Shit? ? by Slothrop
The truth comes out? ? by pibor
Prisoner made arts and crafts for sale ? by evil-barry
SOTU Speech - Talking Points ? by evil-barry
UPI: 9/11 director gave evidence to own inquiry ? by evil-barry
soundtrack ? by pibor
War College Report: Iraq War an 'Error ? by evil-barry
Thanks Saddam! ? by evil-barry
steroids ? by pibor
CJR Campaign Desk ? by evil-barry
Heil Hit-Slur! ? by grommit
Modena Mode ? by evil-barry
Rock and Roll Won't Save Yer Soul ? by Slothrop
It's Caucus Day ? by Slothrop
The Manchurian Candidate II ? by Slothrop
YEAH ? by Slothrop
You're no Adolph Hitler, Mr. President! ? by Slothrop
Okay, so I guess we forge ahead without Trotsky's assassin. ? by Slothrop
The Frisco ? by pibor

December 2003

Are you still out there lurking, Jacques? ? by Slothrop
What, No Fanfare? ? by Slothrop
The New Republicans ? by Slothrop
westbrooks bbq ? by pibor
Gosh, those neocons are so righteous! ? by Slothrop
Conservatives Target Testicles ? by evil-barry
Those Damn French. One of these days we'll teach them that when we say 2 + 2 = 5 we friggin' mean it! ? by Slothrop
They say they aren't, but I say they're oh so politically correct ? by Slothrop
let's review (ancient history) ? by Slothrop
it can't happen here, it can't happen here.... ? by Slothrop
Winning Hearts and Minds While Spreading Democratic Liberties and Values to the Middle East ? by Slothrop
Dubya or FDR? ? by Slothrop
Nice ? by Slothrop
RAT ? by pibor
New Oakland Bar ? by pibor
Rad Band ? by pibor
Kean: Attack Was Preventable ? by evil-barry
bush in 30 seconds.. ? by evil-barry
James Baker, continued - audio ? by evil-barry
James Baker defends the Saudi's against 9-11 families suit ? by evil-barry
Anthony Braxton ? by pibor
Two Years? If Caught Over Here We'd Have Sent Her Indefinitely to a Navy Brig ? by Slothrop
Sports Fan ? by pibor
War Profiteering is The Worst Kind of Theft ? by Slothrop
Curious George W. ? by Virginia Snodgrass
A Rant by Matt Bivens ? by Slothrop
just a freedom hat-or ? by pibor
Wants to catch up on Grand Theft Auto:Vice City ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
"Democracies Die Behind Closed Doors" ? by Slothrop
Miserable Failure ? by grommit
frontline: truth, war and consequences | PBS ? by grommit
iChat Manga ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Inconceivable! ? by Slothrop
Victor Davis Hanson on Blood & Iron ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Kucinich at the Democratic Debate ? by evil-barry
When Helms and Lott dismissed the Al Qaeda threat ? by evil-barry
Nobel winner blasts rights abuses ? by grommit
An interesting theological critique of Dubya's "Christianity" ? by Slothrop
This Ain't No "Breakfast Club" ? by Slothrop
When was the last time Bill Kristol and Al Gore Said the Same Thing on the Same Day?? ? by Slothrop
Turkeys on the Moon... ? by Slothrop
Music gift suggestions ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
"The left-wing take-over of the Democrats continues apace" ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
More about Kissenger and Argentina ? by evil-barry
Operation Pipe Dreams ? by evil-barry
I know one way to end voter apathy amongst our youth... ? by Slothrop
Iraqi troops given chemical arms, claims ex-colonel ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Is it "ancient history" if the perpetrator serves on the Defense Policy Board which meets in the Pentagon and Advises the Administration? ? by Slothrop
MoveOn Movie night. ? by evil-barry
Hee hee hee hee ? by Slothrop
Revisiting Cold War Coups and Finding Them Costly ? by evil-barry
I think that averages out to $69.49 apiece... ? by Slothrop
Framing the Dems. ? by evil-barry
Twenty Most Annoying Conservatives of 2003 ? by evil-barry
What happened to Jacques post (and comments) re: our "friend" from KC? ? by Slothrop
Visionaries Hope NASA Plan Includes Mars... ? by evil-barry
How 'bout they both open their sealed Governor papers at the same time and we'll the one that doesn't go to jail gets to be Prez for four years? ? by Slothrop
National Review backs Dean ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
We Hold These Truths ? by evil-barry
Geneva Initiative ? by evil-barry
Those dirty protesters should learn to comply with reasonable requests ? by Slothrop
Another "Fair and Balanced" Cartoon for Y'all ? by Slothrop
Jason and Laura's Wedding ? by evil-barry
"ALBA"? What kinda accronym is that? ? by Slothrop
MoveOn ? by evil-barry
druggedata ? by pibor

November 2003

I went to school with Matt Taibbi and thought he was a smart guy - here's what he thinks about the Clark Candidacy ? by Slothrop
Ah for those heady days when an attorney general could subvert political opposition by all means necessary.... ? by Slothrop
From hero, to whistle-blower, to celebrity ? by evil-barry
Regarding The "Booming Economic Recovery" ? by Slothrop
Let's Send Cronkite to Gitmo for a "Fair and Balanced" Report on Conditions There ? by Slothrop
Kyle Hence on 9/11 Investigation ? by evil-barry
An Interesting Press Release from the United Steel Workers of America ? by Slothrop
funny is when it hurts a little ? by Slothrop
Paul Krugman on Civility in our Political Discourse ? by Slothrop
Master/Slave ? by pibor
Anybody ever hear of COINTELPRO? ? by Slothrop
"political hate speech" ? by evil-barry
We're Number 1!! in Moral Character ? by evil-barry
Wannabe Christian Totalitarians, or just a coupla dumb fucks? ? by Slothrop
Shrub, the dinner guest ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
I'm sorry, ? by evil-barry
Laughter and Lies in London ? by evil-barry
Interesting title for an editorial, eh Jacques? ? by Slothrop
Our President, in his own words. (Sleep well...) ? by Slothrop
Ain't Hegemony Fun? ? by Slothrop
If they'd just stop sinnin' and start breedin' we'd have a whole hell of a lot more good American soldiers, I mean children. ? by Slothrop
Just one of the reasons I like organic t-bone steaks (rubbed with garlic, grilled medium rare, thin-sliced, and drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice) ? by Slothrop
Steyn on Shrub's trip to see the queen ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Private Lynch ? by evil-barry
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights ? by Slothrop
CPT ? by evil-barry
George Soros grew up in Hungary under the heel of the Nazis and he's worried, so WHY AREN'T YOU? ? by Slothrop
Meanwhile, back on the home front ? by Slothrop
Outraged YET? ? by Slothrop
Maybe Helen Thomas is a duck, too. ? by Slothrop
Can somebody explain the difference between a duck and a duck? ? by Slothrop
If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck.... ? by Slothrop
En Route to the "Gulag" (First Released on the Internet by Art Bell, later ) ? by Slothrop
Walker's Restaurant and pie shop ? by pibor
Wal-Mart Receives Target Letter From U.S. ? by Slothrop
America minus Humor equals Ashcroft. ? by Slothrop
Ya Mean The Dept of Homeland Defense Hasn't Shut These Commies Up Yet?? ? by Slothrop
Any Comments? ? by Slothrop
Yay! Chinese toy recreates 9/11 carnage for kids! ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd

October 2003

We don't need no stinkin' recountable ballots! ? by Slothrop
Cheney's Hawks 'Hijacking Policy' ? by Slothrop
Reassurance from the front ? by Slothrop
Literature is freedom ? by Slothrop
Duh. ? by Slothrop
What the?? ? by Slothrop
Cleaner at Wal-Mart Tells of Few Breaks and Low Pay ? by Slothrop
Maybe Nietzche would have been happier if he'd accepted Christ as his Savior ? by Slothrop
the light looks like stars ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Feds Arrest 300 Workers at 61 Wal-Marts ? by Slothrop
Bush Cites Phillipines as Model in Rebuilding Iraq ? by Slothrop
Keepin' it real ? by pibor
Keeping dissent invisible ? by Slothrop
Bush Sr.'s 'message' to Bush Jr. ? by evil-barry
I think I know why conservatives don't really want to talk politics right now... ? by Slothrop
Taco Truck ? by pibor
National Forest Products Week! ? by pibor
Maybe they're not all the same.... ? by Slothrop
When will the leftwing propaganda machine stop publishing these meaningless statistics? ? by Slothrop
When will the leftwing propaganda machine stop publishing these meaningless statistics? ? by Slothrop
Some of the precious unborn are already damned ? by Slothrop
"When Protestors Attack" ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Pat Robertson Suggests 'Nuking' State Department ? by evil-barry
astroturf ? grassroots ? by evil-barry
undercover 'anti-terrorism' agent - california peace action. ? by evil-barry
Mad Skills No. 2 ? by pibor
God put Bush in charge, says the general hunting bin Laden ? by Slothrop
The Sins of September 11 ? by evil-barry
Bill O'Reilly ? by evil-barry
Eye Opener ? by pibor
this isn't satire ? by Slothrop
Flashmob Protests ? by evil-barry
Well when you put it like still sounds like a bunch of leftist hoohah ? by Slothrop
What, me worry? ? by Slothrop
Everything is fine, everything is fine, everything is fine ? by Slothrop
This is sick: Monument dedicated to Matthew Shepard's Entry Into Hell, which WBC intends to erect in Casper City Park as a solemn Memorial that God Hates Fags & Fag-Enablers ? by evil-barry
Pizza Dough ? by pibor
Hi Magazine ? by evil-barry
Iraq Blogs ? by evil-barry
Rush Limbaugh, junkie ? by evil-barry
Mi Carnita Hermosa ? by pibor
Fun with Discoshaman and Co. ? by Slothrop
the turf cocktail ? by pibor
Smokin' ? by evil-barry
entrepreneurial in Iraq ? by evil-barry
1976: Cuban Airliner Bombed ? by evil-barry
Governator Schwartzenegger ? by evil-barry
Yom Kipur 2003 ? by evil-barry
back from Vacation, I think.. ? by evil-barry
Three of my favorite amendments to our Constitution ? by Slothrop
Walter Cronkite is Worried, Why Aren't You? ? by Slothrop
orange county ? by pibor
affirmative action hire for yahoos: He Can Always Say 'It Was the Drugs ...' ? by evil-barry
I haven't heared that. ? by evil-barry
Swims North ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Isn't it terrible the way all these leftists hate our President?? ? by Slothrop

September 2003

Jason Shiga ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Please look at this web site, particularly at the "Bios" link. This is not, I repeat not a joke (O that it were...). ? by Slothrop
Welcome to Vietnam Mr. President ? by Slothrop
Meanwhile, back at the White House ? by Slothrop
circles of hope ? by evil-barry
Big Increase Seen in People Lacking Health Insurance ? by Slothrop
Holly Golightly in Chicago ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
GW's Resume ? by Slothrop
dear people, ? by pibor
Would this be funny to a black Floridian? ? by Slothrop
NY Daily News - Thousands march in peace vigil ? by evil-barry
Newsweek: Americans in Denial About Iraq ? by evil-barry
Prelinger Archives ? by evil-barry
NY hosts war on terror summit ? by evil-barry
independent comission report card ? by evil-barry
Half-Baked Whoppers Hard to Swallow ? by Slothrop
more good news from Iraq ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
from The Onion, of course ? by Slothrop
Seeking Honesty in U.S. Policy ? by Slothrop
not a victim ? by evil-barry
Arianna Huffington's Friendster ? by evil-barry
Liberal authors triumphant as US bookshelves lean left ? by Slothrop ? by evil-barry
NABO ? by evil-barry
Moving Visions ? by evil-barry
Oh, would that we would not have to. ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Much Truth is Said in Jest ? by Slothrop
Missouri 9-11 parents struggle with deep void ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
'Clowning' in Palestine/Israel ? by evil-barry
A small group of Christians set out to change the way the pious think about politics ? by evil-barry
This Unelected Administration is Truly Horrible ? by Slothrop
I love the Drudge Report ? by Slothrop
Perspective ? by Slothrop
Beruit ? by evil-barry
Politics makes for strange bedfellows ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Johnny Depp Says U.S. Is Like a Stupid Puppy ? by Slothrop
Mordechai Vanunu ? by evil-barry
The Fine Line between Revenge and Murder ? by evil-barry
in Palestine ? by evil-barry

August 2003

Sniff-y Christmas ? by Slothrop
The Central American Saddam Hussein ? by evil-barry
Education.. ? by evil-barry
Pentagon Rethinks Use of Cluster Bombs ? by evil-barry
Ariel Dorfman: Martin Luther King: A Latin American Perspective ? by evil-barry
Exploring the roots of radicalism ? by evil-barry
Teddy Roosevelt ? by evil-barry
If it's Friday, it's Meet Victor Davis Hanson! ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Bush on Smog, R Buckminster Fuller on Smog ? by evil-barry
jump ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Christianity is A-OK ? by evil-barry
That’s Our Bush!- 9-11 Docudrama ? by evil-barry
How a Small Group of Dedicated People Might Actually Do Something ? by evil-barry
more O'Reilly Factor ? by evil-barry
“Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi” ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Davidian Rants ? by evil-barry
Bush 'Compassion' ? by evil-barry
Success ? by Slothrop
"Get Real" ? by Slothrop
help Jacques plan his Chicago trip. ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Tacitus "top 20 worst of the 20th century" ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Henry Wallace (a good Iowan) wrote this.... ? by Slothrop
brave or free? ? by pibor
familiar tactics ? by pibor
more on UN ? by evil-barry
anti-idiotarian ? by evil-barry
Fox vrs Franken Lawsuit ? by evil-barry's ACTION CENTER ? by evil-barry
Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush ? by evil-barry
'Leftist', culture wars, etc. ? by evil-barry
"These aren't the droids you're looking for." ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Jody portrait ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
AlterNet: A Bigger, Badder Sequel to Iran-Contra ? by evil-barry
Love Letter from America ? by evil-barry
creepy movie ? by evil-barry
fair and balanced ? by evil-barry ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Nation braces for flood of self-absorbed NYC writing ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Power Outage, Greg Palast, I'm going camping ? by evil-barry
Iran ? by evil-barry
It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis ? by evil-barry
Are Episcopalians even Christians? ? by Slothrop
dropping White Owl feathers ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
On the 2004 Republican National Convention ? by evil-barry
How the 'Radicals' can save the Democrats ? by evil-barry
Israel 1948 ? by evil-barry
Traitors Who Think They're Christians?? ? by Slothrop
March to More ? by pibor
mini-nukes, no transperency ? by evil-barry
Fear/Agression-Based Pt. 2 ? by evil-barry
Veterans for Peace, MFSO, William Rivers Pitt speech.. ? by evil-barry
Jack Van Impe presents... ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Liberia, Reagan, Doe, Charles Taylor ? by evil-barry
aoki takamasa ? by pibor
I care ? by Slothrop
No One Cares ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
I love John Ashcroft ? by Slothrop
Molly Ivins Column ? by Slothrop
picking feathers from sleeping White Owl ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
The Leader ? by evil-barry
Micky D's wireless ? by evil-barry
August 6th, 1945 ? by evil-barry
Atomic Bomb, Hiroshima - an exerpt from Zinn ? by evil-barry
Mortimer & Human Defender movie ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
FBI... ? by evil-barry
Cranky Alert ? by evil-barry
watching the White Owl ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Mideast's Voice of Peace to Rise Again ? by evil-barry
Truth and Reconciliation ? by evil-barry
Eggers ? by evil-barry
Lunch at New Peking ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
US anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban ? by evil-barry
Fresnel Lens; Cats ? by evil-barry

July 2003

Mortimer Sneed ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Bush Quotes ? by evil-barry
Pentagon's 'futures market' from the people that brought us Total Information Awareness ? by evil-barry
Fear/Agression-Based ? by evil-barry
$$ for democracy ? by evil-barry
collecting feathers ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Guatemala, General Ríos Montt ? by evil-barry
Toilet of the Ayatollah ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein ? by evil-barry
sea craft ? by pibor
Baghdad's celebration ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
All the Shah's Men ? by evil-barry
"Real feathers!" cried the owl ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Depleted Uranium ? by evil-barry
Kill Kill Kill ? by evil-barry
it don't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows ? by evil-barry
Dead Owls climb paradise trees ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Thank you for buying a McDonnell Douglas military aircraft ? by evil-barry
Kean, Chairman of 9-11 Comission troubled by government "minders" ? by evil-barry
Bring them on ? by evil-barry
Puerto Rico... Iraq ? by evil-barry
Iran. ? by evil-barry
VDH on 'balance' ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Spin ? by evil-barry
Yeh! ? by evil-barry
? ? by evil-barry
getting old ? by evil-barry
Paradise Trees ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Experience Points table for Citizens ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Dead Owls Approaching Tree sequence ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
don't ask don't tell ? by evil-barry
Screaming Pink Hippie On Fire ? by evil-barry
close to random ? by pibor
Personal Kills ? by evil-barry
Car part 2. Wanna buy a car? ? by evil-barry
Caprice Classic ? by pibor
Helen Caldicott: America's use of depleted uranium weapons ? by evil-barry
4th of July tribute let's salute oblivion ? by evil-barry
En Guardian! ? by evil-barry
WMD on google ? by evil-barry
Risky & Spectacular Fireworks in Kansas City ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
interrogation ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Jews boarding trains, Bucharest, 1940 ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Jews Boarding Trains, Romania, 1940 ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Sventa Niffid, daughter of Cornelius Niffid ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Greetings! ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd

June 2003

Sanjay returns with the firewood. ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
The Terrorist Hunter Speaks ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
May the ayatollah go the way of Saddam ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
'In defence of elderly hippies' - the Economist ? by evil-barry
Bereaved Parents for Peace ? by evil-barry
Life Under the Ayatollah: A graphic novel ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Huwaida Arraf ? by evil-barry
"Anyone caught selling human meat faces execution." ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
The Blood of Iranians ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Iranian Revolution? ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Russians Enter Romania, 1944 ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Creepy Flag Burning Desecration Act Voted on. ? by evil-barry
sad sex songs ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Interview with Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wilderness ? by evil-barry
John Dean: WMD ? by evil-barry
Liberia ? by evil-barry
Learn Disco ? by evil-barry
One Button ? by evil-barry
Kilroy's Still Here ? by evil-barry

May 2003

The Secrets of September 11 ? by evil-barry
What Color is your Diaper? ? by evil-barry
Chris Hedges was Booed off the Stage and had his Microphone Cut Twice as he Delivered a Graduation Speech on War and Empire at Rockford College in Illinois ? by evil-barry
Flag-O-Rama ? by evil-barry
Chris Buckley, The adminstration and the Senator from France ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
WFBuckley with the final word on the subject of Bill Bennett ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Victor Davis Hanson resumes duties as Gentleman Farmer ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Sayyid Qutb: Theologian of the Terrorists ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd

April 2003

Snowman ? by evil-barry
Nuclear War by Yo La Tengo ? by evil-barry
W A R A G AI N S T T E R R O R ? by evil-barry
1 Corinthians 6 ? by evil-barry
oops ? by evil-barry
Crashed by Car ? by evil-barry
Cost of War ? by evil-barry
Voices in the Wilderness Barred ? by evil-barry
no boundaries ? by pibor
Movies> Recommended> Daytrippers ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
THE black house ? by pibor
Seattle Looter Condemns Iraqi Looter ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Very sad things.... ? by pibor
Women & Children of Basra Decry American Hegemony ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
37 girls (ages 5 & up) rescued from Cambodian sex slavery! ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Photos From The Iraqi Dissident Hotel ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Victor Davis Hanson: another infuriating military historian ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Angel of Death ? by pibor
Courageous LA Times Finally Exposes Jack-Booted Brutality Of Our Troops ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Iraq Civilians Opinion by Masuda Sultan ? by evil-barry

March 2003

Chris Hedges' "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning" ? by evil-barry
A conservative who says 'not in our name' ? by evil-barry
internal medicine ? by pibor
russian intelligence, also napalm ? by pibor
Palomar, Girl Is A Ghost and Iraq ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
someone sent me this link ? by evil-barry
The emotional connection payoff ? by pibor
Measure that loyalty ? by pibor
A webradio that I found ? by evil-barry
Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" wins Best Animated at Oscars! ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Vaclav Havel Rules? ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Protesting in Kansas City ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
An Iraqi blog ? by evil-barry
"We Shall Rise Again" ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
U.S. UN Vetoes Since 1972 ? by evil-barry
puke ? by evil-barry
Kmart Calls Cops When Easter Rabbit Protests Military-Themed Holiday Baskets ? by evil-barry
CrackdownSquad™ ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Bush Sr. warning over unilateral action ? by evil-barry
Random Hate Mail ? by evil-barry
A Dialogue on Sept. 11th with Ryan Amundson ? by evil-barry
Blood Money ? by defendyourselfhuman
Only In America 2 ? by Jacques Vanderdreschd
Only in America ? by evil-barry
THE WARBLOGGERS ? by evil-barry
Bill O'Reilly and Jeremy Glick ? by evil-barry
living and transit ? by pibor
American Media Dodging U.N. Surveillance Story ? by evil-barry
Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !*!@ ? by evil-barry