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The Sins of September 11


I had lots of people send me this so I thought I'd put it here too.

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on Oct 16, 03 | 7:10 pm | Profile
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Dear Citizens,

Don't expect the right to respond to this kind of rubbish. Apologists for Clinton and all the other America-hating liberals will string any number of verifiable facts and dates together in such a way as to make the current administration look bad, inept, or corrupt. But they're not bad, inept, or corrupt. They mean well, they've got "darn good intelligence," and all that stuff about Halliburton and Carlisle is just so much political posturing. Why, when I read articles that conclude with words like those below, it makes me wanna puke, 'cause it's all just propaganda for Hillary Clinton's Presidential bid:

"Had the Bush administration not continued this pattern of gross partisan ineptitude and heeded the blitz of domestic and international warnings, instead of trooping off to Texas for a month-long vacation, had Bush's National Security Advisor done one hour's worth of her homework, we probably would not be in the grotesque global mess that currently envelops us."

I think all the lefties should move to Canada where they belong.

Walter Lipman

Posted by: Slothrop on Oct 17, 03 | 12:55 pm

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