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'Cutest baby, ever' comments cause controversy

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Moral Citizen: Jacques Vanderdreschd on Jul 21, 04 | 1:21 pm | Profile
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babies aren't cute. Now a Fiat 128 , that's cute.

Posted by: pibor on Jul 21, 04 | 2:00 pm

that is a cute fiat

Posted by: Slothrop on Jul 23, 04 | 11:15 am

Congratulations on your new baby, Jacques. Both in cyber reality, in flesh -n- blood -n- diapers reality.

Fiats are nice but even small cute italian sports cars require possibly more maintenance than a new baby, and possibly cost more in the long run.

Posted by: evil-barry on Jul 26, 04 | 11:13 am

Yeah. Your baby is cute. I hope he doesn't get drafted or forced by economic darwinism to "volunteer" to participate in what we can only assume will be the ongoing and never-ending "War on Terror" which will surely still be eating up our tax dollars and our children a mere 18 years from now.

Posted by: Slothrop on Jul 26, 04 | 12:09 pm

Ah, now I understand that post....jeez, Sloth, let up on the nuevo padre!

Posted by: pibor on Jul 26, 04 | 12:55 pm

Don't worry, pibor, el nuevo padre turns a deaf ear to my apostate tipity-tappings. And, after all, I was expressing genuine concern for his new child. This concern is of course only heightened by the fact that Kerry wants to "stay the course," increase troop deployments to Iraq by 40,000, increase the "black budget" intelligence funding, supports renewal of the "USA Patriot Act," and has remained mum about the obvious and thoroughly bipartisan plan to fire up the draft in the (post-inaugeral) spring of 2005. Is it uncouth to point out to a new father that this ill-defined "War on Terror" (name a year in known world history in which there was no "terrorism" to be found) is apparently a war with no expiration date, and that his newborn might just get to see a little action? Is it too harsh to point out to our ol' pal Jacques that no amount of faith in a better world to come is going to shield his offspring from a life in this one? Tough shit.

Posted by: Slothrop on Jul 27, 04 | 10:23 am

Thank you all!

Posted by: Jacques Vanderdreschd on Jul 27, 04 | 2:35 pm

You're welcome.

Posted by: Slothrop on Jul 28, 04 | 1:26 pm

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