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August 6th, 1945

It's around the anniversary of the Atomic Bombs dropping in Japan, and we can always expect some fantastic arguements about why the bomb is good. Like yesterday's Kristol article in the NY Times.

Last year I met and spent the day with 30 survivors of the Atomic bombings in Hiroshima, and visited the ruins of the WTC with them. They were on a mission to tell the people of the U.S. that small nuclear weapons are not acceptable (when it was publicised that the Bush Administration was seeking building new smaller 'usable' nukes) I sat with one man who spoke almost no english, but he tried anyway to talk about the morning when the atomic bomb went off a couple miles from his house. He was 14 years old at the time, and one of the oldest of the group who came to NY. He drew me out a floorplan of the small house he lived in with his parents and showed me which walls fell down and where he was at in the house when it happened. He was sweeping the floor.

The days and weeks after were spent walking around the city looking for relatives. Corpses were piled up at the school across the street.

A 73 year old American woman who remembered the event 57 years ago told me that "Nobody knew what an Atomic bomb was at the time, we only knew it was a 'secret weapon' that would end the war."

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