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Moral Citizen: evil-barry on Aug 09, 03 | 7:47 am | Profile
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Contrite Manufacturer Apologizes for Missing WMD

A G.I. Joe-like action figure depicting President George W. Bush as an
"Elite Force Aviator" was recalled today by its manufacturer after
consumers discovered that the $39.95 toy did not include the weapons of
mass destruction pictured on the toy's packaging.

The Bush action figure was packaged in a box showing the President in his
aviator flight suit made famous in his landing on the aircraft carrier
Abraham Lincoln, uncovering weapons of mass destruction in a
suspicious-looking Iraqi warehouse.

But once parents bought the toy and brought it home, they found that the
box contained only the action figure of the President and no weapons of
mass destruction whatsoever.

Janis Martino, 32, a mother of two in Lansing, Michigan, said her son
Tyler was "really disappointed" when he opened the toy's packaging and
found no weapons of mass destruction inside.

"He felt tricked," Ms. Martino said. "You can't tell someone that there
are weapons of mass destruction and then have there not be any."

Ms. Martino also said she felt "gypped" by the high price tag, saying, "If
there were no weapons of mass destruction, what were we spending all of
this money for?"

As it announced the recall, the action figure's manufacturer today
apologized for the words on the packaging that read, "Make Elite Force
Aviator George W. Bush Find and Destroy Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass

"We apologize for that phrasing," the manufacturer said. "But even if it
was a little misleading, it was only sixteen words."

Posted by: evil-barry on Aug 22, 03 | 6:39 pm

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