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Rush Limbaugh, junkie

downloadable video of Rush Limbaugh on his pill addiction.

Rush Admits Pill Addiction -,2933,99731,00.html

Hearing loss timeline - (comments glaore)

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on Oct 10, 03 | 7:29 pm | Profile
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demagogues always crack. see the classic movie _A Face in the Crowd_.

Posted by: Slothrop on Oct 11, 03 | 7:09 am

I'm not sure that demagogery was what made Rush addicted to pain killers-I think it was the back surgery.

Rush should not have become addicted to pain killers. But I can understand how he might have become addicted–I have back pain from a car accident earlier this year. It's much better now after therapy, but for 4 months it was pretty bad.

The drugs I was on following the accident were muscle relaxants and pain/anti-inflammatories. It wouldn't matter that I was at work if the pain became unbearable; I had to take my meds or I couldn't function. I became super-spacey after they hit my bloodstream, and probably a little dependant on them. My doctor cut me off after a few months (the pain subsided too). I imagine that Rush pushes himself harder than I do. He simply found a way to get the drugs. His wealth and connections in combo with the stress of being Rush. Bad combination.

Posted by: jacques on Oct 11, 03 | 11:20 am

I'm sorry about the Accident. That sucks - it becomes something you have to live with and becomes a part of your life. Keep doing therapy and maintaining a good mood and exercising. Yep, the natural endomorphins..

I almost took the post back - I started feeling yuchy about it and how easy it would be to slam him.

But, alot of people are going to have a good laugh about Mr. Limbaugh - since what he does is moralize. I think he has been a significant polticial 'mover' along with his 100 imitators, bullying, dividing and lowering the discourse in this country. He occupies a spot in my mind similar to that top 10 list of 'treasonous' characters from the tacticus blog that you posted.

It's good to see someone like this have failings, not because it's funny but because we all do. If you brag that you are the most excellent mind on the planet, that you are right 100% of the time, advocate laws that take a compassionless stance on drugs, limit intellectual discourse to a one sided parade of what you want to be true, ad hominem personal attacks instead of discussing two sides of the issue in a time when the public desparately needs it, and on top of that pseudo Christian moralizing then get uncovered as popping thousands of pills over the last couple of years (or more?) then...

> He simply found a way to get the drugs... the stress of being Rush.

I thought his housekeeper started talking, rather than he 'found a way out' - wasn't he forced to make this admission?

Health is something that's mighty good to have. Just about everyone I know lately is physically ill in some way - or so mentally stressed in one way or another that they're getting sick. A hard rut to get out of.

We had a friend that had died last month of an overdose. Was told about it last week. He had been in and out of rehab, and tried all kinds of different methods to kick, but it was always too tempting for him. He seemingly had learned his lesson - and spent some time in jail for various mis-deeds involving fake perscriptions.

The sad thing for me is that I was good friends with him a couple of years ago when he was clean and he was a wonderful person. Possibly the wittiest person on the planet, and always made me feel like I was part of some hilarious conspiracy.

He started using again - he had been on an off for years. I don't know exactly what it's like, but the main problem was the withdrawal. Sweating and nervious, his life became all about drugs, lying to everyone he knew, pretending that he wasn't going through what he was going through, and always he was going to change, but just not today. He was not the same person, the narcotics allowed him to say anything he wanted.

He moved away - there's alot more to this story, actually because he wound up getting married and having a kid - and because of the way he was with addiction before he left not alot of people were able to really talk to him, or tolerate his lying.

There were a couple of emails and a couple of phone calls, and a long standing invitation to visit him on the east coast, but no one I know here every went to see him.

I feel bad for not being there and being able to help him in some way, at least some small thing. But of course it was himself only that would have been able to break that cycle.

OK I don't know where to take it from there, and I could wrap up by saying I hope Rush get's better, I hope every living thing on the planet finds peace - or something Buddhist sounding like that.

And why aren't there any right wing Buddhist radio talk show hosts? That's what we need.

Posted by: evil-barry on Oct 11, 03 | 1:31 pm

Yes, I think that what makes it attractive to gloat about the situation is the whole "Rush is Right" mantra. That he never advocated for comapassion, and actually seemed to mock it as a part of policy or ideology makes it very easy to not feel any for him, now that he needs it.

Posted by: pibor on Oct 11, 03 | 3:47 pm

I hope he stays addicted and eventually goes to jail. If that sounds harsh it's because it is. He has been a cheerleader for many things I disagree with, including our ever-expanding and increasingly privatized prison system, and I think it would be just fine to see him fall of that high horse he smugly rides our public airwaves upon.

Posted by: Slothrop on Oct 12, 03 | 2:47 pm

Bill Maher on Limbaugh

Posted by: evil-barry on Oct 17, 03 | 7:38 pm

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