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pepito and half handed cloud and more

So I saw a great electronic pop duo called Pepito
mostly in spanish, sort of Kraftwerk de la Frontera. Very charming with great video accompianment. At one point, the guy of the girl/guy duo said "It's a great vibe in here. I know it's very california to say's a mean world out there and it's nice here." Also playing was a band called half handed cloud, which was also kinda cute and made me think people in their early 20's are, well, cute. There's a nifty looking website, but the mp3's will no doubt not capture the endearing quality of the mildlypsychadelic fragpop (yes, I made up that genre).

tangentially, I found this, which just looks cool and barry will like it:

Moral Citizen: pibor on Mar 28, 04 | 9:27 am | Profile
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