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install the small machine

Dear all:

Help! Murder, Hong Kong police useing Brain Voice Read / Write Machine
Murder Hong Kong people, 100% true story, please e-mail the world
people and send 1 e-mail Hong Kong government, 1*10*100*1000.....,
thank my dear Internet friend.

Hong Kong police terrorist organization:

The devil machine made in England, the Hong Kong police now use,
install the police communication network, 24 hours murder Hong Kong
people, this murder defeat, exposes the Hong Kong police terrorist

By the 2001-1-1~2004-3-1 38 months, murder by the police knew that:

1. installs the small machine in the Hong Kong people head -----
installs is extremely easy, not to have the voice to be troublesome,
the victim did not feel.

2. Input/output voice ----- input/output the voice extremely clearly,
in the mountain, the sewer, the elevator, input - output voice is
extremely clear, does not use the dry battery.

3. Murder Hong Kong people ----- terrorists is the Hong Kong police
over 50, murder many Hong Kong people over 3 years.

Moral Citizen: pibor on Mar 29, 04 | 6:16 pm | Profile
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eeek. (what a great beginning to a science fiction novel.)

Posted by: Slothrop on Mar 30, 04 | 8:27 am

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