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example files prove good source

(no, your speakers aren't broken)

made in the G audio manipulation environment:

Moral Citizen: pibor on May 20, 04 | 6:10 pm | Profile
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SHIT. This shite is phat. Put another way, I see what you are saying, in this tune. Put a couple other Atari .wav forms on there and you will be able to profitably sell this to Harvey Weinstein, if you know what I'm saying dog. Me and Amun were listening to this while obviously high on cocaine when suddenly we realized it was not us that was blasting through the target cheapass speakers. it was nybor god. And once we heard him cohen sat down and prayed. And amun sat up and wide eyed said, god this is more delicious than food. and then the flavor of the music cuaght up to us like a jackrabbit and ate our souls alive.

Posted by: evil-barry on May 29, 04 | 11:31 pm

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