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Cocktail of the Moment

Tastes like fruit cocktail!


Moral Citizen: est on May 28, 04 | 12:28 am | Profile
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now, I have issues with this. First, it has vodka. This sez to me that there is no challenge here. A cocktail is built around the base liquor's flavor, but if there is no flavor, what exactly are you building?
The only exception I can think of is a vodka steeped with a spice or herb. That is somewhat worthwhile.
The bloody mary is an exception to this opinion.
Second, there is Peach Schnaaps. That's gnar.

Posted by: pibor on Jun 01, 04 | 1:57 pm

I have to agree. That drink sounds like it's all sugar up in thurrrr.

Posted by: Slothrop on Jun 02, 04 | 9:33 am

Hey, it's a 'no challenge cocktail'

C'mon, what would be the best cocktail for the back of a Monte Carlo with a studly hessian?

bring on the purple passion.

Posted by: evil-barry on Jun 02, 04 | 7:41 pm

all criticisms are valid. however, they overlook this particular cocktail's moment, a moment centered around a KOOL nakkin and an eager-to-please waitress.

Posted by: est on Jun 03, 04 | 11:34 am

ok, now that I know this, I can appreciate more. HOwever, mr. est, that is your handwriting, which kinda takes a bit of the sabor authentico out of the cock-tail on nakkin.

please elaborate with details of this moment...

Posted by: pibor on Jun 04, 04 | 9:38 am

i did not mean to imply that Marisa wrote on the nakkin. she gave me the recipe in a breathy voice and i took dictation.

Posted by: est on Jun 04, 04 | 11:07 am

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