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burnout heaven

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on Apr 11, 05 | 12:04 am | Profile
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I thought burnout heaven was Olympia, WA.

Posted by: Slothrop on Apr 12, 05 | 9:39 am

LTVA = Long Time Vandownbytheriver Area?? Don't forget Slab City, "a free RV oasis located in the desert southwest near Niland, California." Or, perhaps "Located on the former Camp Dunlap Navy base east of Niland California, slab city is the adopted home of snow birds and misfits drawn to the unregulated life of squatting in the desert." and
""You think we just want to sit around rocking a hole in the floor?" Elwood Wilson asks. He takes a long swig from a dented beer can. "Hell, no.""

Posted by: pibor on Apr 12, 05 | 9:46 am

ah yes, it was slab city that i was thinking of when i posted this.

I actually found this image when searching for 'California Group Campsite' - it comes up in the first couple hits on google.. not really what i was hoping for, but...

Speaking of group camping. I got a camping spot in Toulome Meadows high country in Yosemite for August 26-29 if anyone wants to come. And before that Erin J got 3 family camping spots in Yosemite for 3 days 'round July 14-17...

CAMP A THON O RAMA... YEAH YAAAAY SUMMER and cold alpine lakes

Posted by: evil-barry on Apr 22, 05 | 9:04 pm

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