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Good Times in Academia, Part II

University Of Iowa Offers Porn Class

POSTED: 6:34 am CDT May 18, 2005

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Some University of Iowa students may be able to get an "A" in X-rated.

The school will be offering a class on porn in the fall semester.

All 20 student slots have been filled and there's a waiting list.

Grad student Jay Clarkson is teaching the course. But he cautioned that students looking for a cheap thrill will be disappointed. He said no films or other explicit material will be shown in class. Clarkson said the class will examine the impact of porno on mainstream culture.

But Iowa House Speaker Chris Rants doesn't like the idea a bit. The lawmaker said the pornography class isn't something that should be taught with taxpayer's money.

Moral Citizen: Slothrop on May 18, 05 | 8:47 am | Profile
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...and I don't think dickwad politicians with nothing better to do should get paid with taxpayer's money!

Posted by: pibor on May 18, 05 | 7:43 pm

Wow he sounds like a complete ass. Talking about the impact of porn is not 'teaching porn'. another instance of a politician using a fallacy:

Posted by: evil-barry on May 27, 05 | 12:31 pm

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