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Jack Van Impe presents...


OK Citizens, Mortimer hasn't yet set up a FascistFantazy™ catagory like I've been asking, so this is going in under Ruptured Spleen. Close enough.

"...I was contacted a few weeks ago by the Office of Public Liaison for the White House and by the National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice to make an outline. And I’ve spent hours preparing it. I will release this information to the public in September, but it’s in his hands."

That's walking bible Jack Van Impe of 'Jack Van Impe Ministries International'. Jack and Rexella are staples of American Christendom...I really do love watching if I actually stumble upon thier 'news updates' at 3:45am. They are awesome, and I so massively wish I can find either video or stills on this alleged 'meeting'. Oh, heavens-to-betsy I hope this is true. And, yes, the creepy Dungeons&Dragons-style art is from Van Impe's site.

hat tip to Claybourn's blog

UPDATE Fellow citizen Scott K. remarks "Can I get that painting airbrushed on my '78 Econonline?" You sure can, Scott. You sure can.

Moral Citizen: Jacques Vanderdreschd on Aug 12, 03 | 7:31 pm | Profile
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from Clayborn's blog:
"[Bush] will know exactly what is going to happen in the Middle East and what part he will have under the leading of the Holy Spirit of God. So, it's a tremendous time to be alive. "


I saw Charles Stanley of 'In Touch Ministries' ( ranting on TV once. He was basically saying if you love god you must trust the president, and that jesus advocated war, and all that stuff about Jesus being against war was hogwash. But anyway he put it better.

you're right there probably should be a Facsist Fantasy(tm)

Posted by: barry on Aug 13, 03 | 1:06 am

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