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Are Episcopalians even Christians?

I mean, they don't even take every word of texts that have been translated by committee for thousands of years at their modern face value and accept them as unbending and universal law! They don't even believe that stuff that St Paul said about keeping women silent in church, and the slave's responsibility to obey the master, and the part about eating pork being an abomination! And yet they have the gall to call themselves believers in Jesus Christ's message of love and forgiveness. If you're askin' me, I'd say they're commies.

If you don't believe me, check out this Wall Street Journal "Commentary" piece by Harvey Cox, Hollis Professor of Divinity at "Commie" Harvard:,,SB106064982541175100-H9jeoNhlaV2oZynZnqHbKeFm4,00.html

Moral Citizen: Slothrop on Aug 14, 03 | 10:31 am | Profile
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