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Tacitus "top 20 worst of the 20th century"

Interesting to see Lenin and Qtub made his top ten. Surprised at some. Bertrand Russell does seem a bit sniffy but he does qualify it:

Some were chosen for outright evil; some for bearing responsibility for actions that bore bitter fruit later on; some for failing to take actions that they should have. I'd probably take Bertrand Russell off if I had to do it again: I included him for being a person of detestable character, but that's hardly an outstanding characteristic in the 20th century.
I agree with many on his list though.

Moral Citizen: Jacques Vanderdreschd on Aug 25, 03 | 5:48 am | Profile
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If I could put a car on there I would put the Chrysler PT-Cruiser.

No, I've seen lists like this 'Treason' lists on freeper websites and they creep me out. TREASON: Kurt Vonnegut. TREASON: PAT BUCHANNAN. TREASON: Your MOMMA

Bush's Press Secretary Scott McClellan's father has just released a book that alledges that LBJ was behind the killing of JFK.

On a very unrelated note, my old boss for about 3 weeks in the dot com days, Roger Black, told me about how LBJ was campaigning in Texas in a helicopter and yelling through a bullhorn "Hello all you little people down there!"

I'd like to post about your Berman/Qtub article again.

Posted by: evil-barry on Aug 26, 03 | 6:44 pm

yeah...LBJ. I was wondering myself for what reasons Tacitus included him.

I do think that Tacitus's list is not so arbitrary as your anecdotal 'treason' list, but I may be misreading what you are saying.

Please do comment on Qtub. Very interesting to me what you would think.

The wife hath mixed'd me up a Blue Monday.

Posted by: Jacques Vanderdreschd on Aug 26, 03 | 9:04 pm

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