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Davidian Rants

OK. I posted this before, and I didn't get any comments, because I placed the movie in the 'More...' section where no one saw it. They give thanks to 'Little Green Footballs' in the credits. YOU MUST FLIP THROUGH THIS.

Pro-nuclear war. Hate. Fundementalism. Bad. Please Comment.

some text from the flash movie in question, attributed to the King David character:
We had just come out of the concentration camps: we weren't into feeling guilty. We were into feeling angry, and kicking the Arabs' asses.

Now look to the left of Zecharia: see that military base? It's home to several dozen nuclear devices, mounted on missiles. We have about 200 of these mamas: on submarines, on fighter jets, in suitcases - you name it.

If I was anointed King again, and the Moabites pissed me off at breakfast? This is what dinnertime would be like.

Ahhh, these clear, cold nights in the land of Efrath... ...the wind blowing gently from the sea, and not a single cloud in the sky... ...well, OK - maybe one cloud...

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on Aug 26, 03 | 7:45 pm | Profile
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Ick. Anybody who fantasizes about eating grapes while unleashing a nuclear weapon is very icky. I wish I hadn't watched it.

Posted by: Slothrop on Sep 03, 03 | 5:24 pm

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