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Mustard glazed

Way down here in the deep south, we have the time to cook bbq. The trick here is low n slow. Ribs, brisket, butt, chicken, it all turns out sooo much better if you take your time with it. We usually get a 7 or 8 lb boston butt, smear the cheapest yellow mustard all over it and rub it down with a good rub (we make our own). Put it on a smoker and let it cook indirect at a dome temp of around 225. We use natural lump charcoal. Add hickory chips or chunks for the first several hours. It usually takes from 18 to 28 hours. Whenever the internal temp reaches 200 its done. And you will never taste anything better in a restaurant. After you try pulled pork, let me know what you want to play with next.

Moral Citizen: est on Mar 18, 04 | 12:53 am | Profile
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