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hi kidz,

So i'm reading a CNN article (excerpt and url pasted at the end of this mssg.) about Defense Dept. sponsored "news sites" and paid a visit to one of them, to see for myself. This kind of shit pisses me off and i'm drafting this message in hopes that some creative person out there can find a way to "fight back".

The site's "disclaimer", a small link at the bottom of the page, contains a Copyright Info paragraph which informs us that "Unless a copyright is indicated, information on the site is in the public domain and may be copied and distributed without permission." You know why? Because your tax $ are paying for this bullshit.

I don't have any ideas at the moment but this seems like an opportunity to take this propaganda, refashion it, and spit it back out in venemous glory.

Please distribute to your favorite miscreants.

--Est Nyboer
full story at

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. Department of Defense plans to add more sites on the Internet to provide information to a global audience -- but critics question whether the Pentagon is violating President Bush's pledge not to pay journalists to promote his policies.

The Defense Department runs two Web sites overseas, one aimed at people in the Balkan region in Europe, the other for the Maghreb area of North Africa.

It is preparing another site, even as the Pentagon inspector general investigates whether the sites are appropriate.

The Web sites carry stories on subjects such as politics, sports and entertainment.

The sites are run by U.S. military troops trained in "information warfare," a specialty than can include battlefield deception.

Pentagon officials say the goal is to counter "misinformation" about the United States in overseas media.

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