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State of the Union
State of the Union 2006 - Bush Impression
War Nerd - Victor Hanson: Portrait of an American Traitor
"Disco Sucks!", the first cry of the angry white male
Bring It Down. Now.
Gagged, But Not Dead,
Good Times in Academia, Part II
Jesus Was No GOP Lobbyist
diana prince
burnout heaven
WAR PORN (missing jacques)
Cocktail of the Moment
Cocktail of the Moment
Fight consumerism at home
Gary Webb
Buy Blue
The Ballad of The Bush Leagues

This email is good.
It's the 'Moral Values', stupid.
Beef Medallions
Candy Pancakes Movie Revisited
Poop Valhalla
The Intensity Gap
A better spot to watch the John Stewart clip
San Jose
F%$& Big Media
go mom
Where is the Bush puppet?
Cocktail of the Moment
A movie
Decline of Dubya's Delivery
the wrath and the glory
You're gonna have to do better than that...
Basta Ya
Lileks on 9/11
My Comment on 9-11
Damned fine protesting, sir. I salute you.
Meat garnished cocktail is reality
Teresa campaign journal excerpt
New Dumb Bush Freudian Slip
Celebreties Against War Pro War Poem
That was a pretty good speech
'Cutest baby, ever' comments cause controversy
Leftist street dissent w/stickers
Cocktail of the Moment
Bill Eases Vote Curb on Churches
a couple a nights ago
IC = World Capital of Slack
Cocktail of the Moment
folgerz fizz?
Chili for chili dogs
Cocktail of the Week
Cocktail of the Week :: TV Ads
pizza tonight
pacific sunset?
A former Clintonian Democrat Turned Prophet of the New Anger, Someone Who Opposed Invading Iraq Unilaterally, It was a nice dream.
The New Republicans
What, No Fanfare?
New Oakland Bar
Music gift suggestions
Wants to catch up on Grand Theft Auto:Vice City
James Baker defends the Saudi's against 9-11 families suit
Anthony Braxton
Two Years? If Caught Over Here We'd Have Sent Her Indefinitely to a Navy Brig
"The left-wing take-over of the Democrats continues apace"
Turkeys on the Moon...
Hee hee hee hee
"political hate speech"
Interesting title for an editorial, eh Jacques?
Ain't Hegemony Fun?
Keeping dissent invisible
Rush Limbaugh, junkie
Fun with Discoshaman and Co.
the turf cocktail
entrepreneurial in Iraq
Meanwhile, back at the White House
Newsweek: Americans in Denial About Iraq
Oh, would that we would not have to.
Sniff-y Christmas
more on UN
familiar tactics
sea craft
Miyazaki's "Spirited Away" wins Best Animated at Oscars!
The emotional connection payoff

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beat of the earth
diana prince
house of the future
Jerry Brown, former governor, current mayor, current blogger
someone was listening
Fight consumerism at home
Winter is getting colder
Healing -
FOund Objects Festival
San Jose
Tawdry lead
meter yer freedim
watering the driveway.
book burning, I mean destroying.
the wrath and the glory
dis poem
get high, don't eat, and play poker.
Meat garnished cocktail is reality
it's beautiful
free and very cheep phone for macintosh
land of many distant suns...
ghost of reagan
thank god reagan is dead
example files prove good source
have cocktail names, need recipes
the aristide
Est is Good citizen of the day
prom '04
folgerz fizz?
Chili for chili dogs
just cuz I hate freeedumb
install the small machine
pepito and half handed cloud and more
arnold on meet the press
thank you
service recall
pizza tonight
pacific sunset?
angelo muscat
The truth comes out?
The Frisco
westbrooks bbq
New Oakland Bar
Rad Band
Anthony Braxton
Sports Fan
just a freedom hat-or
Walker's Restaurant and pie shop
Keepin' it real
Taco Truck
National Forest Products Week!
Mad Skills No. 2
Eye Opener
Pizza Dough
Mi Carnita Hermosa
the turf cocktail
orange county
dear people,
brave or free?
familiar tactics
March to More
aoki takamasa
sea craft
close to random
Caprice Classic
no boundaries
THE black house
Very sad things....
Angel of Death
internal medicine
russian intelligence, also napalm
The emotional connection payoff
Measure that loyalty
living and transit