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Nation braces for flood of self-absorbed NYC writing


Friday, August 15, 2003

KANSAS CITY--Following Thursday's blackout that affected nearly 50 million residents from Ohio to New York and into Canada, people across America are getting ready for yet another deluge of swollen, narcissistic output from New York City-based writers.

"The news clips of the Bronx cabby doing volunteer as a traffic cop; the thousands of people walking home in the dark chatting with people they would normally swear at in traffic. Right now it's kind of quaint to see these people surprised at their collective humanity. But that's going to wear thin pretty quick," says long-time Atlantic Monthly subscriber Brad Sprenger of Olathe, Kansas. "This is the kind of thing that will eventually spawn a dozen cathartic off-Broadway plays."

Added Sprenger: "Can you imagine what will be coming down the pike a few months from now? Wormy, double-spaced New Yorker poetry with titles like Walking To Staten and Dark Manhattan Forest. Save us."

Local resident Jeffery Roslef was sympathetic but unimpressed with the blackout: "I feel really badly that all those people were stranded in subways and everything, but from what I hear, the power is already coming back on. It lasted for...what?...maybe 12 hours? The last time we had an ice storm here in K.C., my block was without power for two weeks. For my family it wasn't about whether we would be able to go down to Bam Rose [theater] to catch the Brazilian Diaspora Film Festival. It was about wondering if my kids were frozen to death in their beds."


UPDATE: special thanks to fellow Citizen (and NRO editor) Kathryn Jean Lopez for linking to this story! 'Ouch' indeed!

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