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i never thought I could be so free


Eighth version of a 'teaser' flash animation to be used for promotion of a print comic titled "Sanjay". Print comic modeled after Herge's Tintin, set 100 years into the future of a dominant Indian world power. Plot based on Sir Walter Scott's Red Gauntlet. It was 1999 and the world was fresh and new and ripe with opportunity. Forgive me, Miyazaki-san.


scorpion chases bug, (kills it off camera), eating it as Sanjay walks by, camera pans back...way back...harsh landscape. "Sanjay" logo as music climaxes. As music quickens (Dave Pike Quartet, "Mathar" 1968...great song, completely illegal usage) we see montage of the comic's characters and scenes; Jaipur in 2098, Khandu the Rat, Niffid, Gristal, Gujaj, Shanghi, etc.

Posted by: Jacques Vanderdreschd on Aug 16, 03 | 8:25 pm | Profile


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