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Goodbye Cruel World
GOP: Arrest Citizens with no review, Maybeeeee..
Father Michael Lapsley Sermon, SSM on Guy Fawkes Day Nov. 5
kids at war
Whats with these 'halo' photos?
Pakistan signs peace deal with pro-Taliban militants
Hugo Chavez Sept. 20 UN Speech, the 'devil' and Luis Posada Carriles
Declaration of Peace to Oregon Senator Gordon Smith's office
Laser them protesters!
Statement by the Committee of Relatives of the Victims of the Cubana Flight Blown up off Barbados
Watch this Video
media framing of 9/11
"Century of the Self"
Angola, John Stockwell, Charlie Hayden
The Occupation? Fuggedaboutit!
puking on the national review
Luis Posada Carriles - Terrorist Airline Bomber Up For U.S. Citizenship?
Medicare and "Why Conservatives Can't Govern" by Alan Wolfe
it's nice outside.
Name Them Babies
Bush: "I'm the decider and I decide what's best."
The war on Christmas part deux
and Hilarity ensues...
Jude Wanniski
Helen Thomas
on listening to right wing radio
Portland Peace Rally
Political Animals: Gore Vidal, William F. Buckley and the ’68 Conventions
10-Year U.S. Strategic Plan For Detention Camps Revives Proposals From Oliver North
After Neoconservatism - New York Times
Comments are ON
State of the Union
Monitoring Human Rights in Iraq Newsletter - No.1, January 29 2006
State of the Union 2006 - Bush Impression
Is this "Strict Constructionism" in Action?
medicare switch effects on small pharmacies : overwhelmed by "glitches"
Bush Has Crossed the Rubicon
Al Gore, Taft Conservative
Medicare debacle
Bush Drinking Again? I'll have another WMD highball.
the "war on christmas"
Fuck the 'New York Times'
War Nerd - Victor Hanson: Portrait of an American Traitor
Meeting a family member of the victim of Luis Posada Carriles
Utah rave bustedFreedom
Hotel Rwanda
"Disco Sucks!", the first cry of the angry white male
Gagged, But Not Dead,
Erinia Jourdanski Semiotician to the Stars
Downing Street memo
An Overview of the U.S. Political Right
Luis Posada Carriles Seeking Political Asylum in U.S.
Marla Ruzicka
Born again vs. the renaissance, Ross Pourzal
burnout heaven
Restless Me - The Journal of World Travel
'A Very Long and Very Bloody War'
Luntz Memo at Luntzspeak
Corporate Communication, Circa 1997.
Burning Dirty Hippie Appears In Sky: Tells People to Repent
The Language Police: Gettin Jiggy with Frank Luntz
A fully clothed and floridated devotee playing a sacremental organ in worship of the anti-JR BOB DOBBS False JEHOVAH-1 2004
News of the Day
Bright Eyes single 'When the President Talks to God'
Another columnist paid by your tax dollars to push their stupid shit
Retiree Doggedly Pursues Legal Challenge of Iraq War
music, reappropriated
Turning Up the Heat on Bush | Robert L. Borosage
n stuff
Clare Alison Maynard: Dandelion
Cindy Sheehan - Whose Son Died in Iraq - Responds to Time Magazine's Choice for "Man of the Year"
My Family In Iraq
DU part 2
Depleted Uranium, Phillip Berrigan
Gary Webb
Buy Blue
Bill Moyers on the Environment
Another good article on 'What's the Matter with Democrats?', etc.
Bush's 'Perception Management' Plan
As Democracy is perfected...
In 2004 It Was “Right and Wrong” that Went Wrong
The 'Reagan Coalition'
True Color of America
This email is good.
Living Poor, Voting Rich
It's the 'Moral Values', stupid.
Simple but Effective - Why you keep losing to this idiot.
Barking Moonbat Early Warning System
Bush giving the finger
Poop Valhalla
The Intensity Gap
A better spot to watch the John Stewart clip
Jon Stewart's Brutal Exchange with CNN Host
Casino Versus Japan
Most Read Entries and Most Commented Entries on Sidebar Now
F%$& Big Media
John Stewart on 'Crossfire'
Where Did the Middle Go? How Polarized Politics and a Radical GOP have Put a Chill on Measured Debate?
The American Assembler - The facts about George Bush's lies, corruption, and incompetence.
pResident Evil billboard or .org - Cheney's double oops
The Toilet Online - Leave It To Bush!
A movie
E.L. Doctorow
This is the first song on our new album
Basta Ya
My Comment on 9-11
A great article about downloading legal music
The Delusions of David Horowitz
60 Minutes possible forged documents, Rove couldn't have planned it better
Vietnam Veterans against Kerry - they like to smear McCain, too.
We're Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore
Sports Illustrated - Iraqi soccer players upset about Bush campaign ads
Cheney Speaks to the Reptile Brain
The 1964 Democratic Convention, Civil Rights, the South and 'Values' vrs. 'Rights' 2004 Election Guide
Bush's Yale Rugby Sucker Punch
Bruce Springsteen's 'Emergency Intervention'
New Dumb Bush Freudian Slip
Does your household have a 'screaming hippie' mug?
Celebreties Against War – Pro War Poem
Michael Savage on SF Human Rights Commission
Sterling Hayden - In Passing
Failure Is Not an Option, It's Mandatory
John Sayles 'Silver City - vote "Dickie" Pilager 2004
VP: John Edwards
Sibel Edmonds
Editorial: Roots of 4th are radical
Oakland's Grand Lake Theatre Marquee
free mac display fonts
Hitler in a Bush Ad
The Enemy Press
The F-Word Part 2: Cheney Utters 'F-Word' in Senate - Aides
The F-Word Part 1: Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides
Creepy Funny Leisuretown comics
The Hunting of the President
Strong at the Broken Places, a triple amputee Vietnam vet helps wounded Iraq War soldiers
"The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement - U.S. Media's Dirty Little Secret", by Bill Douglas
19 Questions to the 9/11 Commission, 1 of which has been answered
Michael Moore | Fahrenheit 9/11
a couple a nights ago
Sound action
Grief doesn't entitle Sept. 11 families to their entitlement attitude - 05/23/04
"absurd products of the zeitgeist"
Culture clash in the South Seas
Ray Reynolds
Allies accused of breaking Geneva Conventions on civilian losses
Senator Joseph McCarthy... and The Usual Suspects...
medea benjamin
Eco-Friendly Prefab Houses
Depleted Uranium: War on Iraq Is A Nuclear War
how to get out of Iraq
The Strategist and the Philosopher
Rush Limbaugh on Iraqi abuse Photos
Grand Lake Theatre - Oakland, CA
Protests, Even Buttons, Verboten in Crawford
Donald Rumsfeld Feedback Loop
Rush Limbaugh says "wars every 20 years are good"
Hubris and Cheney
Iraq on the Record
Gerrymandering: How Politicians Steal Votes and You Can Return Them - If Clarke Is Right, Bush Must Go
BitTorrent and RSS
LegalTorrents - Your source for legal BitTorrent files
Exploiting 9/11, Badly
Vegoil Adventure Trip Journal :: TV Ads :: TV Ads :: TV Ads
Language and Culture of Hawai'i
Iraqi Passport
How the Republicans have been more successful at framing issues than the Democrats
What's in a Word?
Marketing Babblespeak Your Tax Dollars Delivering Good Design
DailyShow: Jon Stewart
An Open Letter from Michael Moore to George "I'm a War President!" Bush
Interview with President Bush on "Meet the Press"
Love That Dare Not Squeak Its Name
Robert McNamara: 'It's just wrong what we're doing'
United States Central Intelligence Agency FREEDOM FIGHTER'S MANUAL
If your heart is not...
Letters to the Editor.. 9/11 investigation
The Yes Men
Prisoner made arts and crafts for sale
SOTU Speech - Talking Points
UPI: 9/11 director gave evidence to own inquiry
War College Report: Iraq War an 'Error
Thanks Saddam!
CJR Campaign Desk
Modena Mode
Conservatives Target Testicles
Kean: Attack Was Preventable
bush in 30 seconds..
James Baker, continued - audio
James Baker defends the Saudi's against 9-11 families suit
Kucinich at the Democratic Debate
When Helms and Lott dismissed the Al Qaeda threat
More about Kissenger and Argentina
Operation Pipe Dreams
MoveOn Movie night.
Revisiting Cold War Coups and Finding Them Costly
Framing the Dems.
Twenty Most Annoying Conservatives of 2003
Visionaries Hope NASA Plan Includes Mars...
We Hold These Truths
Geneva Initiative
Jason and Laura's Wedding
From hero, to whistle-blower, to celebrity
Kyle Hence on 9/11 Investigation
"political hate speech"
We're Number 1!! in Moral Character
I'm sorry,
Laughter and Lies in London
Private Lynch
Bush Sr.'s 'message' to Bush Jr.
Pat Robertson Suggests 'Nuking' State Department
astroturf ? grassroots
undercover 'anti-terrorism' agent - california peace action.
The Sins of September 11
Bill O'Reilly
Flashmob Protests
This is sick: Monument dedicated to Matthew Shepard's Entry Into Hell, which WBC intends to erect in Casper City Park as a solemn Memorial that God Hates Fags & Fag-Enablers
Hi Magazine
Iraq Blogs
Rush Limbaugh, junkie
entrepreneurial in Iraq
1976: Cuban Airliner Bombed
Governator Schwartzenegger
Yom Kipur 2003
back from Vacation, I think..
affirmative action hire for yahoos: He Can Always Say 'It Was the Drugs ...'
I haven't heared that.
circles of hope
NY Daily News - Thousands march in peace vigil
Newsweek: Americans in Denial About Iraq
Prelinger Archives
NY hosts war on terror summit
independent comission report card
not a victim
Arianna Huffington's Friendster
Moving Visions
'Clowning' in Palestine/Israel
A small group of Christians set out to change the way the pious think about politics
Mordechai Vanunu
The Fine Line between Revenge and Murder
in Palestine
The Central American Saddam Hussein
Pentagon Rethinks Use of Cluster Bombs
Ariel Dorfman: Martin Luther King: A Latin American Perspective
Exploring the roots of radicalism
Teddy Roosevelt
Bush on Smog, R Buckminster Fuller on Smog
Christianity is A-OK
That’s Our Bush!- 9-11 Docudrama
How a Small Group of Dedicated People Might Actually Do Something
more O'Reilly Factor
Davidian Rants
Bush 'Compassion'
more on UN
Fox vrs Franken Lawsuit
What is this site about?'s ACTION CENTER
Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush
'Leftist', culture wars, etc.
AlterNet: A Bigger, Badder Sequel to Iran-Contra
Love Letter from America
creepy movie
fair and balanced
Power Outage, Greg Palast, I'm going camping
It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis
On the 2004 Republican National Convention
How the 'Radicals' can save the Democrats
Israel 1948
mini-nukes, no transperency
Fear/Agression-Based Pt. 2
Veterans for Peace, MFSO, William Rivers Pitt speech..
Liberia, Reagan, Doe, Charles Taylor
The Leader
Micky D's wireless
August 6th, 1945
Atomic Bomb, Hiroshima - an exerpt from Zinn
Cranky Alert
Mideast's Voice of Peace to Rise Again
Truth and Reconciliation
US anti-war activists hit by secret airport ban
Fresnel Lens; Cats
Bush Quotes
Pentagon's 'futures market' from the people that brought us Total Information Awareness
$$ for democracy
Guatemala, General Ríos Montt
Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein
All the Shah's Men
Depleted Uranium
Kill Kill Kill
it don't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows
Thank you for buying a McDonnell Douglas military aircraft
Kean, Chairman of 9-11 Comission troubled by government "minders"
Bring them on
Puerto Rico... Iraq
getting old
don't ask don't tell
Screaming Pink Hippie On Fire
Personal Kills
Car part 2. Wanna buy a car?
Helen Caldicott: America's use of depleted uranium weapons
4th of July tribute let's salute oblivion
En Guardian!
WMD on google
'In defence of elderly hippies' - the Economist
Bereaved Parents for Peace
Huwaida Arraf
Creepy Flag Burning Desecration Act Voted on.
Interview with Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wilderness
John Dean: WMD
Learn Disco
One Button
Kilroy's Still Here
The Secrets of September 11
What Color is your Diaper?
Chris Hedges was Booed off the Stage and had his Microphone Cut Twice as he Delivered a Graduation Speech on War and Empire at Rockford College in Illinois
Nuclear War by Yo La Tengo
1 Corinthians 6
Crashed by Car
Cost of War
Voices in the Wilderness Barred
Iraq Civilians Opinion by Masuda Sultan
Chris Hedges' "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning"
A conservative who says 'not in our name'
someone sent me this link
A webradio that I found
An Iraqi blog
U.S. UN Vetoes Since 1972
Kmart Calls Cops When Easter Rabbit Protests Military-Themed Holiday Baskets
Bush Sr. warning over unilateral action
Random Hate Mail
A Dialogue on Sept. 11th with Ryan Amundson
Only in America
Bill O'Reilly and Jeremy Glick
American Media Dodging U.N. Surveillance Story
Welcome to citizensforum!
Kurt Vonnegut vs. the !*!@


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