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Tue Feb 21, 2006

After Neoconservatism - New York Times

an interesting read

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Tue Jan 24, 2006

power of nightmares

some perspectives, and a an offer... Good to be back. I've not been very upright lately....anyway, I recently started watching the BBC-produced Power of Nightmares documentary that traces the current battle of necon vs. islamic terrorists as an ideological siamese twin, birthed by intellectuals in the 50's. It has a bit of the "paranoid version" going for it, as it sort of surmises that we are all victims of fear produced by the powerful controlling their minons, but it's pretty good food for thought. Becuase of its controversial content, it's not shown in US here, and becuase of clearing-of-content hassles (lots of footage and music that would need to be cleared and licensed), it's not on DVD. However, the good ol' interweb can unravel a copy. I can probably point you to some places....
Here's some links discussing the documentaries:,5673,1330499,00.html,hoberman,70708,20.html

i'm still gettin' thru them all myself....

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Wed Oct 13, 2004

Where Did the Middle Go? How Polarized Politics and a Radical GOP have Put a Chill on Measured Debate?

by Theodore Roszak in the SF Chronicle

Walk into a bookstore today, throw a stick in any direction, and it's likely you'll hit a dozen savage attacks upon George W. Bush. Future historians will surely regard the deluge of Bush-bashing books and films that appeared in 2004 as a remarkable cultural phenomenon, a tribute to the vitality of American publishing and to the surviving political literacy of the public.

They will certainly note that elevating the nation's liberal blood pressure helped rally the troops to John Kerry's campaign. But they may find themselves puzzling over why the assault on Bush had so little effect on his political base. They may conclude that this was the year partisan polarization spun out of control, the point at which persuasion and dialogue -- always in short supply -- became things of the past.

Behind all the Bush-bashing we have seen this year stands the same idealistic assumption that once inspired the muckrakers of old: If only we can get the truth out, the public will rise up in wrath and drive the "lying liars" from power. For that matter, Bush's handlers make the same assumption. That's why they labor so strenuously to exploit all the latest techniques for manufacturing consent.

But what if both sides are wrong about how much can be achieved by shocking revelations on film or in print? What if Bush's political base never needed to be lied to? That might explain why, despite "Fahrenheit 9/11" and all the other enraged documentaries (the best of which, incidentally, is "Hijacking Catastrophe" by the Media Education Foundation), the polls keep reflecting strong popular support for Bush's "leadership" and why he continues to find cheering crowds, especially at military bases where troops give their commander-in-chief the big "hoo-ah." These people aren't deceived. They know exactly what Bush is up to -- and it's OK with them.

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Sun May 02, 2004

Donald Rumsfeld Feedback Loop

I wondered what the National Review might be up to tonight, so I checked it out (yes, my Saturday nights are very exciting) to see what thier possible spin could be on all the stupid shit that's happened lately. Anyway, check out this creepy picture of Rumsfeld joyously reading about himself in the Nat'l Review while holding the National Review with a picture of himself on the cover a la feedback loop (from a National Review banner ad):


Moral Citizen: evil-barry on May 02, 04 | 1:07 am | Profile

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