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Sat Jul 12, 2003

don't ask don't tell

(from Maura at Babbleogue) - don't ask what's in your milk...

Monsanto, an American company that produces a great deal of chemicals, and GM foodstuffs, and is well known as being extremely litigious, is suing Oakhurst Dairy. Common Dreams reports that Monsanto is being the legal bully because the small Maine-based dairy has the audacity to promote the fact that its milk comes from cows that have not been given growth hormones. Monsanto thinks this advertising campaign implies that there's something wrong with milk that comes from cattle receiving growth hormones, and since Monsanto produces such chemicals, it has to protect its market. No surprise, this is typical of the kind of tactics employed by Monsanto.

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on Jul 12, 03 | 11:17 am | Profile

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Wed Apr 09, 2003

Very sad things....

...are happening right now in this world.. But here is some
cherry blossoms from Japan.

Thanks to Tetsu...

Moral Citizen: pibor on Apr 09, 03 | 5:19 pm | Profile

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Sat Mar 08, 2003

living and transit
is a museum documenting the past, but I wish it were my present, or at least my future

Moral Citizen: pibor on Mar 08, 03 | 12:52 am | Profile

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