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Mon Aug 04, 2003

Mideast's Voice of Peace to Rise Again

by Peter Hirschberg

JERUSALEM -- For 20 years, intrepid Israeli peace campaigner Abie Nathan broadcast his message of coexistence to Jewish and Arab listeners from his boat in the Mediterranean Sea, which housed his pirate Voice of Peace radio station.

In 1993, suffering from lack of funding, the station broadcast its last track -- Pete Seeger's 'We Shall Overcome'. Nathan then scuttled the ship.

Some peace activists, comforting themselves, suggested that The Peace Ship, as it was named, had achieved its aim: it ceased broadcasting in the very year that the Israelis and Palestinians signed the Oslo peace accords. But then the peace process got bogged down, derailed and finally collapsed as Israelis and Palestinians went back to war.

Abie Nathan's M.V. Peace

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Truth and Reconciliation

Published on Friday, August 1, 2003 by the Boston Globe

US Debates Bid to Kill Hussein and Avoid Trial

WASHINGTON -- Senior Bush administration officials are debating whether to order military commanders to kill rather than capture Saddam Hussein to avoid an unpredictable trial that could stir up nationalist Arab sentiments and embarrass Washington by publicizing past US support for the deposed Iraqi dictator, according to defense and intelligence officials.

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