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Sun May 02, 2004

Protests, Even Buttons, Verboten in Crawford

My brother Ryan was in Crawford, TX last year and watched 3 people get arrested when they stepped off the lawn of the 'Crawford Peace House'. They did come there to demonstrate, but they were told to leave, so they went to the private property of the Crawford Peace House, where they took refuge. The police surrounded them at the house, watching. Someone approached the police to ask a question, and they arrested her. Down the street people who organize on the website were staging their own demonstration, walking down the street in counter-protest to the anti-war protesters. One of the peace folks pointed out to the cops that if they were not allowed to demonstrate, why were they letting the Freepers hold signs and walk down the street. The police then put a stop to the pro-war demonstrators. So then someone went to ask the police what was going on with the person who was arrested, they were arrested as well. Next curious person - they, too were arrested. They learned to not be so curious. Apparently the only place to have a 'demonstration' in Crawford Texas is at the high school football field.

Also, my brother said the local gas station sells T-Shirts that just say the word 'Rumsfeld' on them.

So said my brother, I wasn't there. maybe I can get him posting to this site, but he's on a sabbatical..

Anyway, the following story closely mirrors what he told me about his experiences in Crawford, Texas.

If you're ever thinking about going down to Crawford, Texas, to protest against Bush, beware.

The police do not take kindly to demonstrators there--or legal observers, for that matter.

And even if you're just wearing an anti-Bush button, you could get arrested.

That's the message a local jury sent last month. Read more...

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Donald Rumsfeld Feedback Loop

I wondered what the National Review might be up to tonight, so I checked it out (yes, my Saturday nights are very exciting) to see what thier possible spin could be on all the stupid shit that's happened lately. Anyway, check out this creepy picture of Rumsfeld joyously reading about himself in the Nat'l Review while holding the National Review with a picture of himself on the cover a la feedback loop (from a National Review banner ad):


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Rush Limbaugh says "wars every 20 years are good"

Rush says:
I think, you know, try this, folks. This thought of mine is, I think wars every 20 years are good so that every generation knows what the hell is at stake here. We are at a period of time where we have a lot of American generations who do not remember World War II, do not remember a truly difficult war that we won, do not have that perspective, do not remember an America victorious at war, other than the Gulf War which took a couple of months, which can create, by the way, and has, perhaps incorrect impression with too many people.

Complete transcript:

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