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Sat May 14, 2005

Luis Posada Carriles Seeking Political Asylum in U.S.

Hmmm. This guy admits setting bombs off in tourist locations in Cuba, killing people, including an Italian tourist in 1997. He's suspect in the first act of airline terrorism in the western hemisphere - 73 peole killed in 1976. He's was jailed in Venezuela along with Orlando Bosch (who was granted pardon by George Bush Sr. in 1990) for this attack, then escaped in 1985 being extradited with the help of Bush's current chief diplomat to Latin America Otto Reich and goes to work for Oliver North on the illegal contra ressupply program. In the 60's and 70's he was a CIA agent trained as a 'demolitions expert'.

He's entered the US with a fake passport in the last couple months, and is now asking for asylum through his lawyer. Venezuela is asking for extradition as a terrorist.

From Democracy Now

If Posada is still in the United States, the Bush administration has three choices: granting him asylum; jailing him for illegal entry; or granting Venezuela's extradition request.

State Department official Roger Noriega claimed the Bush administration didn't know for sure if Posada was in the United States. He said Cuban claims about Posada "may be a completely manufactured issue." At the same time Noriega said the U.S. is "not interested in granting him asylum."

The brother of the Italian tourist killed by a bomb in a Havana hotel in 1997 told the Miami Herald: "It's like a New York or New Jersey resident who lost a relative in the September 11 attacks, and the mastermind of this terrorist act is living in Canada. Wouldn't they be upset at the Canadian government?"

And here is the last 2 paragraphs from a Washington Post story in which Posada was interviewed:

Since 9/11, the administration's double standard on terrorism, with its Cuban exception, is even more glaring. Just before the Justice Department announced a post-9/11 sweep of those "suspected" of terrorism, it had quietly released men who had been convicted of terrorism. Last Thursday, the administration congratulated itself on a sweep that netted 10,000 fugitive criminals, yet somehow Posada eluded it.

I remember Posada's sly smile when he told me that he had at least four different passports from different countries in bogus names, including an American one. When I asked when he last visited the United States, he chortled with amusement. "Officially or unofficially? I have a lot of passports," Posada said. "If I want to go to Miami, I have different ways to go. No problem." Evidently not.


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