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Fri May 27, 2005

Gagged, But Not Dead,

This is weeks old, but here it is anyway.

Reprinted here from buzzflash.

Those of you who still think this case, my case, is about covering up some administrative blunder or bureaucratic mismanagement, please think again.

Those of you who may think that my Kafkaesque case, the unprecedented secrecy, is due to some justifiable and official higher reasons, please think again.

Those of you who may think that our government, our entrusted leaders, may have an ongoing investigation of the criminals involved, please think again.

The Office of Inspector General for the Department of Justice, in its ‘unclassified report,’ has confirmed my core allegations. What were those core allegations, and who did they involve? Not only some low-level terrorist or terrorist organization; not only some ‘maybe’ critical foreign entities. No; trust me; they would not go to this length to protect some nobody criminal or terrorist.

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on May 27, 05 | 12:23 pm | Profile

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Erinia Jourdanski Semiotician to the Stars

Our friend Erin the hildegaard #2 got a blog, watch out.

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on May 27, 05 | 11:17 am | Profile

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Meanwhile, on the "Huffington Post"

05.26.2005 David Sirota

"The Most Important Vote on the Iraq War You Never Heard About"

Hey, did you know that Congress just had one of the most important votes on the Iraq War since the invasion of 2003? No, probably not, because (other than Voice of America's story and the AP's half line buried in a bigger piece) no major American media outlets thought it important enough to tell you.

That's right, yesterday, the House of Representatives voted down bipartisan legislation to ask the White House to submit details of an eventual exit strategy from the quagmire in Iraq. The legislation was non-binding, meaning the White House would not have even had to oblige. It was simply designed to put Congress on record as supporting an eventual move to bring our troops home.

Moral Citizen: Slothrop on May 27, 05 | 9:14 am | Profile

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Downing Street memo

uh, if you want to read the Dwoning Street memo:

You know. All that boring 'intelligence and fact being fixed around the policy' stuff.

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on May 27, 05 | 2:15 am | Profile

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