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Mon Sep 04, 2006


what if bush was assasinated?

Don't worry, it's fiction.

Despite the mayhem since Bush's murder, most Americans had preferred to stick by Dick Cheney. His no-nonsense manner reassured, even as crises kept recurring.

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on Sep 04, 06 | 11:32 pm | Profile

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"Century of the Self"

Something to consider with "corporatism" is the rise of the modern Public Relations industry through Edward Berneys, who was Freud's nephew.

I'm going to post a link to this BBC documentary - "Century of the Self" which is about Berneys. You can download good quality video of the 4 parts to the documentary here:

or all 4 parts here in smaller wmv:

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on Sep 04, 06 | 3:40 pm | Profile

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Angola, John Stockwell, Charlie Hayden

I've been staying up late reading a very interesting book, John Stockwell's "In Search of Enemies" written in 1978, after he resigned from the CIA. In this book he tells all about the covert CIA war in Angola, funding the most violent groups, prolonging war as a policy of harassment.

He talks about a culture in the CIA of creating conflict as the way for a career case officer to progress, much liket he importance of publishing for an academic. If you don't hype the presence of an 'Enemy' in your geographic area, then you won't advance. When you transfer this to the level of humans it means more death and destruction, but sounds good on paper to the technocrat in charge of foreign policy.

Anyway, this ex-Marine Stockwell saw the situation, quit, and wrote about it.

This morning jazz musician and good Iowan (born in Shenandoah, Iowa) Charlie Hayden was on Democracy Now talking about getting arrested in right-wing Portugal in 1971 after dedicating a song to the anti-colonial black liberation movements in Angola (a colony of Portugual) while playing with Ornette Coleman. He was freed, then later harassed by the FBI here in this country.

My point? go read the book and listen or read to the interview.

Happy Labor Day (which the US should be celebrating on May 1 with the rest of the world, by the way).

Moral Citizen: evil-barry on Sep 04, 06 | 2:22 pm | Profile

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