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Tue Sep 26, 2006

Hugo Chavez Sept. 20 UN Speech, the 'devil' and Luis Posada Carriles

It's been commented here (thanks slothrop) that although Hugo Chavez bashed the U.N. and refered to Bush as "The Devil" to endless oblivious criticism in the MSM (oh god I hate to use that blogger-term), on 'protocol', and Democrats eager to take the offensive in defending God and Glory, there is of course more to that in the speech. In his speech he actually said more about the fact that the United States is keeping Luis Posada Carilles from extradition to Venezuela on charges of comitting terrorism in bombing a Cuban airplane in 1976...

Is the Mainstream Media Doing it's job? Is there a discussion about this? If we are against terrorism, why don't we be AGAINST it, and if we have past or present associations to terrorists or have perhaps cultivated our own, why can't we have a reconciliation get rid ot them and move on. LET THEM Ship this guy Posada off to Venezuela to have a trial.. And actually be the good country that we say we are? Anyone talking about this? Anyone? Bueller?

But, you know why they won't do this? Public Relations. It would be a huge deal, with Venezuela gloating over Posada, and revealing his association with the CIA and other US figures, in a big drawn out media-coup. This guy was connected to tons of people, one of which daddy George H Bush had pardoned - Orlando Bosch who was suspected of killing Chillian diplomat Orlando Letier.

Another thing. Chavez has been criticized for somehow insulting the UN because he alledges that there is nothing getting done there. But, that's true. They vote on the same things every year now, just plain gridlocked with the same actors saying 'yes' and 'no'. The system is dealt so that the big nuclear weapons bearing countries have veto power. And we have John Bolton, who represents the UN-haters in this administration, who I'm sure regards the UN less than Chavez is seeming to make out.

Here's a quote from Hugo Chavez's speech regarding Luis Posada Carilles and the CIA

President Michel Bachellet recalled a few days ago… pardon, I mean a few minutes ago… the terrible murder of the former Chilean Foreign Minster Orlando Letelier. I would only add the following: the guilty parties are free. Those responsible for that deed, in which a US citizen was also killed, are North Americans of the CIA. Terrorists of the CIA.

In addition, we here in this room must remember that in a few days it will be the 30th anniversary of that murder and of the horrible terrorist attack that blew up a Cubana de Aviación airplane in mid-flight killing 73 innocent people. And where is the worst terrorist of this continent, who admitted to being the intellectual author of the airplane sabotage? He was in prison in Venezuela for some years, but he escaped with the complicity of CIA officials and the Venezuelan government of that time. Now he is here living in the US, protected by the government even though he was convicted and he confessed. The US government has a double standard and protects terrorism.

These reflections are to demonstrate that Venezuela is committed to the fight against terrorism, against violence and works together with all people who struggle for peace and for a just world.

I spoke of the Cuban airplane. Luis Posada Carriles is the name of that terrorist. He is protected here just like the corrupt fugitives who escaped Venezuela. A group of terrorists who planted bombs in embassies of various countries, murdered innocent people during the coup and kidnapped this humble servant. They were going to execute me, but God reached out his hand, along with a group of good soldiers, and the who people took to the streets. It's a miracle that I'm here. The leaders of that coup and those terrorist acts are here, protected by the US government. I accuse the US government of protecting terrorism and of giving a completely cynical speech.

read on for the entire speech..

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