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Sat Jun 25, 2005

beat of the jihad of invention

jeez, i was just looking some stuff up! a story of idleinterwebbing Read more...

Moral Citizen: pibor on Jun 25, 05 | 11:08 pm | Profile

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Tue Jun 21, 2005

Know Yer History

The Constitution provides that the President "...shall be removed from Office in Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Trason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." The framers could have written simply " or other crimes"--as indeed they did in the provision for extraditions of criminal offenders from one state to another. They did not do that. If they have meant simply to denote scriousness, they could have done so directly. They did not do that either. They instead adopted a unique phrase used for centuries in English parliamentary impeachments, for the meaning of which one must look to history. Read more...

Moral Citizen: Slothrop on Jun 21, 05 | 9:23 am | Profile

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Tue Jun 14, 2005

Scenes from the MJ trial

A photo essay of my visit to the Santa Maria courthouse:

Moral Citizen: est on Jun 14, 05 | 10:36 am | Profile

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Wed Jun 08, 2005

Bring It Down. Now.

by David Michael Green

The Downing Street Memo is the gift that just keeps on giving. And well it should. It is the smoking gun which proves that the gravest possible crime was committed by the Bush administration, and among its victims were the American people.
I am more hopeful about American politics than I have been in a long time, though still cautious. For nearly five years now, the Bush administration has gotten away with murder - literally and figuratively - with seemingly immutable impunity, always defying the laws of political gravity, at least as they are known in this universe. So I've come to be tentative and rather pessimistic about the possibilities of ending this national nightmare of reaction, thievery and militarism, and bringing these criminals to justice.

Moral Citizen: Slothrop on Jun 08, 05 | 9:42 am | Profile

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