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Thu Jan 12, 2006

the "war on christmas"

A relative of mine sent me the following "war on Christmas" forwarded email spam from an upright citizen named Debbie Daniels called "I'm Offended That You're Offended . . . Merry Christmas Anyway!", reprinted below - one of those 'take back our country from political correctness' fundementalist tirades. Ah, these things hurt me, especially when they are sent to me by relatives, who have learned now to always send things like this with the other recipients in blind carbon copy so I can't email them all back and tell them how their narrow minded fundementalist crap is exactly like something that the Taliban is trying to put into place. So anyway, instead of that passive agressive flame in email I'll just thought I'd post my response here:

Dear _____ (name omitted),

You must live in a rough area of the country indeed if you feel like people that aren't christians are on a politically correct rampage to stomp out every last instance of the mention of 'Christmas'. I must say that in the metropolitan area where I live, nobody gives a hoot. My Christmas card said "Happy Holidays"l, because it's just easier that way. I for one celebrate New Year with my friends of every religious background - so it's nice to get that in there.

The last couple days I've watched some saved recordings of TV shows that aired around the holidays - and there seemed to be some big deal going on about the "War on Christmas" (ahem Bill O'Really). I had previously been insulated from in a media-free holiday week (thank you Jesus), and enjoyed my Christian heritage celebration.

But anyway, I have a number of Jewish friends and Muslim friends. No one of them would feel like saying 'Merry Christmas' is a threat to them, or would feel offended in any way if someone said or if they went into a church or school. One Muslim guy that I talked to before Christmas ended our conversation with a "Happy Hanukkah" bending over backwards to try to make sure that he was acknowledging my heritage (I was amused as I am not Jewish). I wished him a "Happy Holidays" - searching my mind as to if there is an equivalent Muslim holiday. Anyway, my point here is that people in general are way more tolerant that emails like this tend to portray people as.

I'm sorry, no one is offended by Christmas. Much of what is being talked about as an alledged as a war on Christmas are lies. What stuff like this seem to do is to reinforce a sense of victimhood that I don't think is justifiable.

And then again, SO WHAT if somebody says 'Happy Holidays' or calls the Chrismas tree a 'HOLIDAY TREE'. Being Inclusive, and yes, 'politically correct' does not mean that someone is attacking your religion. You are being led by wing nuts that are reinforcing your sense of victimhood - this is not a Christian trait by the way - for their own personal gain.

I think real Christians would be concerned with other things.


here it is:

Subject: Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

I don't know who this perceptive lady is, but HOORAH for her. I am sending this along in hopes that we all have the courage to say .................. She did a spectacular job!


By Debbie Daniel

image I'm on a "Merry Christmas" mission and I'm in full throttle. My little yellow VW Beetle has turned into a Christmas billboard with Merry Christmas written across the back window. Yes, I've decided to trek off to work everyday on the public highways with a message that seems to offend people.

At stop lights, I even turn my music up a little louder, and to top it off, I sing along with it. Don't I know that stopping at a red light to roll my windows down only to share the joy of Christmas carols on public streets is a No-No? Don't I fear the Christmas Gestapo and those who would have me remove the written message from my car? Read more...

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