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Mon Mar 20, 2006

on listening to right wing radio

Wow, Listen to this Rush Limbaugh wannabe, Lars Larson try to debate Portland State University Conflict Resolution professor Amanda Smith Byron with classic style black and white thinking. - MP3

He keeps saying the same things, over and over.

It's painful to listen to right winger hate radio. They barrel over the callers, isolating one thing they said out of context, chipping away and trying to get the guest worked up so their knuckle dragging listeners can cheer and jeer when the sensitive and intelligent person gets the final shout down from the angry father type who ain't gonna take it no more.

The 'Medium is the message', I guess.

This is what our media give us in the land of the 'free'? The equivalent of aural bitch slapping for sport, making a mockery out of any issue in order to make sure an humiliate those who dare to have critical thinking?

I met a wonderful Iraqi woman, Eman Ahmed Khamas, who is in Portland for 2 days for speaking engagements. She talks about her experience in Baghdad, as an Iraqi, and a woman, and as someone who believes the US troops should leave. She mentioned being on a right wing show here where she was shouted down, they laughed at her, and she didn't even know how to deal with it. To her she couldn't understand, because they invited her, and they just wanted to talk over her, cut her off and take her out of context, and jeer at her. Really when you think about it, it's like we are putting immaturity and agressiveness on a pedistal with all these shows.

I look at the dozens of grisly photos and video stills of civilian casualties from high altitude U.S. Bombing that Eman took herself in Baghdad, listen to stories of people disappeared, and I wish to God that other people in this country would start seeing things like this, hearing people like Eman.

Sometimes I think how it seems like we as a society have been going backward.

Right-wingers, have you brought any Iraqi people to your churches lately to speak about their misery? When a mother who has lost her soldier son asks the president 'was it worth it', do you ask her what her political party is? Did you think that the military alone would be able to just go out and 'fight them over there, so we wouldn't have to fight them over here'? Have you brought a soldier to your church who has pulled the trigger, and not known how to live with himself? How complicated life has become, nuanced in shades of grey rather than the utopian and dare I say Stalinist black and white that your flunky cheap labor fear mongering corpratist party mouthpieces have coached us to? Have you figured out their populist nationalism is just a schtick, and they are preying on you, while feeding your vicimization back to you, as all these right wing radio hosts have been doing for the last 15 years? Is it time to start questioning those who wrap themselves around the flag and kissing cross while ripping both to shreds?

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